March 2016 Offer: Ready, Steady, Scratch!

Posted on 12/03/2016

Enough of offers and bonuses on slots, let us give some limelight to the scratch card games with the latest offer on Jackpot Mobile Casino – Ready, Steady, Scratch offer! This latest offer is exclusively for scratch card game lovers, and even if you are not one, you will be one soon! Scratch card games… Read More

Just when you have had enough of the fruit and gems on the new mobile casino, Microgaming comes up with another interesting slot. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slots is the ultimate change you need. Who doesn’t love cars? Whether you like the vintage ones or the sporty ones, the dream to go on top speed remains… Read More

Let’s March into Money!

Posted on 03/03/2016

Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you March into Money promotion, and it is as exciting and thrilling as it sounds. It has already been two months in the New Year, but the need to celebrate sustains! And for that, Jackpot Mobile Casino is bringing to you yet another amazing offer! Don’t just walk into the… Read More

10 Surprising Facts about James Dean

Posted on 29/02/2016

James Dean was a very popular actor, but had a very short life. The world lost this brilliant actor when he was just 24 years old. But even in his short-lived presence in the world of movies, he surely made a mark, and his vibe still exists in the form of James Dean slots. Dedicated… Read More

The whole world celebrates New Year on the first of January, but the Chinese have their own age old traditions to follow, and so they celebrate their new year according to the lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is good to follow the traditions of other regions once in a while, and even the slot addicts can… Read More

Jackpot Mobile Casino believes in giving priority to its members at all times. And as a part of that process, we keep on bringing in great promotions so that our loyal members get that special treatment they deserve. So here we come with yet another exciting promotion – Money Mayhem! Money Mayhem has Some Exciting… Read More

Aliens was one groundbreaking film when it was released way back in 1979. Sci-fi was a genre that was just getting explored back then and adding an element of horror, action and suspense was something that people didn’t quite expect back at the time. But after its release, the movie did inspire a lot of… Read More

Sneak a Peek into our Game Launches

Posted on 15/02/2016

So a little birdie told you that Jackpot Mobile Casino is launching some new online casino slots? Well, you heard right and this time things are going to be better than ever because quite a bit of themes have been pushed in through these slot games to explore the new and still get as rich… Read More

Playing at an online casino is a risky endeavour for both the players and the establishments. There is lot of risk involved in how the establishments will protect their financial interests. You don’t want to get broke in trying to pay all the players who have won at their casinos. There is a lot of… Read More

When it comes to Roulette playing, be it online Roulette or casino Roulette, almost every person who puts stakes on the table dreams of becoming the next millionaire. Though this shortcut to riches does exist, it has only worked for a handful of people. Here are some Roulette facts that you might not have known… Read More