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Fascinating Facts of ‘300: The Movie’

Did you know that after just a few glimpses of the movie ‘300’ were displayed in 2006 Comic-Con in San Diego, the audience was so fascinated by the clip that they requested to watch it three more times? That’s something! Did you know that most of the weapons used in the movie 300 were exactly the ones that were previously used in war legend movies like ‘Troy’ and ‘Alexander’ and they were just recycled for the movie to cut costs?

We presume your answers to be negative. So, let’s plunge into the trivia-lode of the movie ‘300’ and explore some of the most fascinating facts of the movie 300.

Trivia of the Movie 300

  • This epic fantasy war flick was shot fully on a stage in Montreal with green backgrounds and blue screens.
  • The director Zack Snyder never claimed the movie to be historically accurate. In an interview, he says that the fighting styles and the formations (specifically the Spartans’ phalanx) were consciously changed so as to make them “look cool” even if that resulted in an agreement with historical accuracy.
  • There are 1300 visual effect shots in the film, 1,523 cuts with over comprising 8631 visual effect elements. The movie which features 300 Spartans shouting ‘Sparta’ almost every minute actually contains the word ‘Sparta’ 72 times. This means the word Sparta is used at least .62 times per minute.
  • Remember the young leonidas in child fight training scene? It’s the director, Zack Snyder’s son who plays it.
  • Remember the actor who plays leonidas’ father’s role? He’s Tim Connolly, the actor who also played Gerard Butler’s stunt double for the film.
  • As a child, Frank Miller watched the Rudolph Maté film The 300 Spartans (1962), which featured Richard Egan as King Leonidas, and was deeply touched by it. It revised his perception of the ‘Hero’ concept as the story taught him that the hero didn’t always win and that sometimes, to be a hero, one must sacrifice oneself. Ever since he saw the movie, he has been fascinated with Thermopylae. Well, that aptly explains the passion behind the scenes!

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