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DRIVE: MULTIPLIER MAYHEM™ SLOTS debuts on Jackpot Mobile Casino

Just when you have had enough of the fruit and gems on the new mobile casino, Microgaming comes up with another interesting slot. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slots is the ultimate change you need. Who doesn’t love cars? Whether you like the vintage ones or the sporty ones, the dream to go on top speed remains in our hearts always, and with this amazing slot, you can do that! But the only thing that spins here are the reels.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slots is a Perfect Blend of Speed and Thrill!

The whole vibe created by Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slots is so real that for once you will definitely feel that you are either on a racing track or out on a drive at night. The crazy vrooms of speeding cars and the whole atmosphere created by electronic music, everything is just perfectly created! And to make it realistic, there is also a pit stop diner in the scene! This mobile slots definitely has one of the best themes around and that is what makes it different from the rest.

Apart from the exciting theme, the gameplay of the slot is also very interesting. It is not at all complicated, but still has lots of fun elements. But before any of that, one thing you must know is that while you bet, keep two things in mind. One, balance your budget well. Two, bet as high as you can because higher you bet, the better will you win!

Turn on the Ignition and Win Big!

Coming back to the gameplay, it is very simple. The symbols are the key to your earnings, so if your luck is in your favour, you will see more of the higher paying symbols. They are mostly the ones related to cars and roads. And they definitely have the power to accelerate your bank balance! The fast food symbols might be paying a little less, but you will get plenty of them too.

What will excite you the most in Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slots is the scatter symbol. While generally the job of a scatter symbol is to give you a handful of free spins, you hardly stand a chance of winning something good in them. But in this case, the scatter symbol or the police car brings in great multipliers. With as much as 50x to be won, there is no denying the fact that you might not miss having free spins here.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slots is different, not only because of its super cool theme, but because of its gameplay. Generally slots have only one or high paying symbols, but this one has more than four! This slot on Jackpot Mobile Casino is a must play if you are looking out for a unique theme and big wins!