23 Dec

What makes South Park Slots so special?

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South Park is an American adult animated cartoon sitcom which is famous all around the world. The cartoon is based around 4 boys – Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny and shows the bizarre adventures that they undertake around Colorado town. South Park Slots, released in 2013, is a slot game based on this famous cartoon and it does pure justice to the show. All 4 players have their charm and you will never be bored playing this game. Other than the 4 main characters, Butters and Mr. Garrison are also present in the game. The sounds used in the game are from the show and the characters have their original voice, which makes it all the more interesting. The game has 3 rows, 5 reels and 25 paylines. The creator of this game is the famous NetEnt software, who has also developed a lot of other similar slot games. The game has become a huge hit among the South Park fans as well as the others and NetEnt software have said that the game has exceeded all of their expectations.

What makes South Park Slots so special?

South Park Slots is the most highly rated game from NetEnt software. It is so popular that it also has a sequel which is already up. The sequel is called South Park Slots: Reel Chaos. The graphics of this game is really good, like in all other NetEnt games, and it will allow any type of players to get accustomed to it easily. The animations are really super smooth and the music makes the game really awesome. It also has a Quick Spin button which helps to play the game in fast mode. This game features a lot of bonus games modes. Since there are 25 paylines, the minimum bet amount is 0.25 euros. This is inexpensive and many players can play without the fear of losing a lot of money. There are 4 games modes with the names of the 4 boys. These bonus game modes can be all used to gain small amounts, which will surprise you at the end. Compared to other slot games, South Park Slots have lower payout rates but off the 4 bonus game modes, the one that pays the most would be the Eric and Cartman mode. Some users like the Stan bonus game with sticky wilds which pays out quite a large sum and one of the users have won 400 times the amount of money that was bet in the first place.


This game is an absolute cracker and to all those people who are South Park fans, South Park Slots is a must play. Even if you are not a South Park fan, this game would appeal to you. Apart from the fun characters, wonderful animations and great music, the players can also earn themselves a substantial amount of money. The bonus game modes are a great addition and Stan and Eric bonus game modes are the best according to most of the users.