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Learn How To Play Online Oasis Poker Professional Series

It was the early 19th century when the United States gave the game of Poker to the world. Since then this card game has become immensely popular across the globe. The game involves gambling, strategy and needs some good skill. Online Oasis Poker Professional Series found even more players and contributed even more to the game’s popularity.

Online Oasis Poker Professional Series – Your Best Bet

Learn How To Play Online Oasis Poker Professional Series

Most gaming portals host poker and its variants for the players. But if you are worried about the stakes and are hesitant playing the original poker, try your hand at NetEnt’s online Oasis Poker Professional Series. This variant of Poker has a very low house edge. The payout, in contrast, is big and strategy is what you need to apply in good amount. When played right, you may win a payout of 100:1. All you need to do is make the right moves. Here’s how to go about this game.

  • Place your initial bet. The online Oasis Poker Professional Series game requires you to drag and place a chip in the circle marked ‘Ante’.
  • Less deal to start the game. The dealer and the player each receive 5 cards from the 52 card deck.
  • The last card dealt out to the Dealer is visible to the player.
  • This stage is the one when the player needs to take the most important decision: to switch his/her cards or not. Switching cards levy a fee equal to the Ante. For every switch made, you need to pay an amount equal to the Ante.
  • Pro-tip on when to switch:
    • When you see 4 cards to a straight or royal flush but are missing the one final card;
    • When you see 4 cards to a flush but are missing on a pair or better;
    • When you see 4 cards to an open-ended straight but are missing out on a pair or better.
  • If you take good care of the above-mentioned strategy, you already hold an edge over the house.
  • Players can see the total cost of the switch displayed in the “Draw Cost” circle.
  • When the player has his/her final 5 cards with or without the switch, he/she may choose to raise or fold in online Oasis Poker Professional Series.
  • Pro-tip: Raise if you see a pair or better and fold if you hold ace/queen higher or lower.
  • The player then calls to see the dealer’s hand.
  • In case the dealer does not qualify ie does not hold ace/king his or low; the player wins 1;1 on the ante played. The raise bet will be pushed.
  • If the Dealer qualifies by holding an ace/king his or low; the player’s and the dealer’s card are compared.
  • The player wins 1:1 on the ante bet if he/she holds better and stronger cards. The raise bet payout will be according to the payout table.
  • If the dealer has better cards, the player loses the ante as well as the raise.

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