Net Entertainment is back with another addition to their Professional Series of table games. It is called Oasis Poker Professional Series which is a fine example of professional table games. While retaining all the thrills of the traditional game, this card game is presented with a little different set of rules.

About the Developer of Oasis Poker Professional Series

Net Entertainment was established in 1996 and it has developed over 200 online games in the last 20 years. The games offered by the company vary in themes, styles but come with great graphics and audio. Oasis Poker Professional Series is also developed by the company.

About the Game

Oasis Poker Professional Series has three separate versions of it and they come with a low limit, medium limit, and high limit bets. The basic difference between traditional Poker and this one is that unlike the original game, here the dealer receives one face-up card from the five dealt to him.

Oasis Poker Professional Series starts by placing the Ante bet. Once it’s done, the player receives 5 cards, out of which four are concealed and one is open. The player then has to decide which cards to keep and which cards to leave and take another in place of it so that he creates or betters a poker hand. The player takes this decision after taking his own cards as well as the face-up card of the dealer in the consideration. Replacing a card costs some amount in the draw.

  • One card replaced will cost 1x the Ante Bet

  • Two cards replaced will cost 2x the Ante Bet

  • Three cards replaced will cost 3x the Ante Bet

  • Four cards replaced will cost 2x the Ante Bet

  • Five cards replaced will cost 1x the Ante Bet

After this, the draw takes place and based on the cards he is holding the player will decide whether to fold and lose the Ante bet or to make the Call bet. Making the call bet will reveal the four face-down cards of the dealer and both the hands will be compared to find out the winner of the game.


Oasis Poker Professional Series is part of a professional card games series by NetEnt. That’s the reason it carries the same modern and neat design of other NetEnt powered games in the series.