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How to Play Extreme Live Gaming’s Live Classic Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular land-based casino game and has a huge fan base globally. Off late, the popularity of Live Classic Roulette games offered by online casinos such as Jackpot Mobile Casino has also been on the rise. The game provides a comfort for those who would want to play online from the comfort of their homes. This need has been taken care of in this version of Roulette and players across the world have taken to it in a big way. Some of the key features of this game are

 How to Play Extreme Live Gaming's Live Classic Roulette?

Live Classic Roulette takes the European Version Of Single Zero

This is one of the best attractions that this game can offer to its players. Since it follows the single zero European format the house edge on this game is very less and players stand to win more with every spin of the Roulette wheel. For a player who has experience in playing the European version of the game, Live Classic Roulette will be very easy to adapt to. You can try this game at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Live Classic Roulette offers you a good view of the gaming area

Many players are comfortable playing the Roulette because in a land-based casino they have clear access to the gaming area and can see the Roulette wheel spin and land on their favourite numbers. Such players might not be comfortable when they see automated wheels throwing out numbers. This game takes care of this user need completely and offers gamers a complete unblocked view of the gaming area with a live dealer in place.

Live Classic Roulette offers a Good Statistical Display

For some players, Roulette is all about statistics and number crunching. They believe in doing their own permutations and combinations based on which they place their bets. The screen in front of you will keep displaying all relevant statistics pertaining to the game. You will always be aware of which numbers are currently running hot and which of them are cold. Players will be able to make their analysis in a much better fashion.

Live Classic Roulette allows you to make Special Bets

This is an added bonus that you get when you lay this live roulette game. Apart from the normal bets that you place, this game gives you the benefit of making special bets that will give you added chances of striking it big.

Online gaming is now a growing trend and more and more players are taking a liking to this. Game developers are taking this seriously and coming out with various new versions of the games, making them more interactive and real life for players.