Roulette in French means ‘little wheel’ and this game was first designed back in 18th century by popular French mathematician ‘Blaise Pascal’. This age-old game became popular worldwide and was played in casinos across the world. Today, this amazing game is available to be played online on the internet and even has any variants to it. The best one is still the Classic Roulette played on original French table with a single zero and numbers ranging from 1 to 36. What makes this game even more special is its live dealer facing the camera to assist you with your betting. You can play this game on a computer desktop, mobile phones and tablets too.

About the Developer of Classic Roulette

It was developed by Extreme Live Gaming company who has been in this industry for many years now. They are popular for their live dealer casino games that offer real-life like experience and offers accurate results in all their games.

About the Game

This popular Classic Roulette game is played with its French format spin wheel table that offers better winning probability with numbers strategically placed to offer better wins to online players. The house edge is the just 2.7% which is the lowest compared to other variants of this game. The live dealer feature of the game lets you chat with the dealer and get instant responses to your queries. There are a real set of cards and real table used in this game that makes you feel you are in a land casino.The game allows you to place bets on multiple numbers along with some outside bets that help you make additional wins and they are easy to win too.

Inside Bets: This is the main section of Classic Roulette betting and has different strategies that you can use. The highest paying is the straight bet on a single number where you can get a payout of 35 to 1. Betting on two number using the split option will pay you 17 times on when the ball stop on one of two selected numbers. To place this bet you need to place the chip on a line between two numbers. The other bets are street, corner, dozen and column, each with a different stake of win.

Outside Bets: Red or Black, Odd or Even and High or Low are the three common outside bets which are easy to win and keep you making little amounts of profit though the payouts are not so high.


if there is any casino game with better winning probability and numerous betting strategies that you can implement, it is Classic Roulette where everybody can be a winner with so many options to bet.