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Mobile Casino Slots Bonus Features

Do you want to play the mobile slots games with only the regular spins as its game play? Or try out the ones which have wilds, free spins, best casino bonus games and other interesting features to keep the boredom away. Guaranteed to keep those extra cash rolling in and keep your adrenaline pumping high, these mobile casino slots bonus features are almost mandatory in the present lot of mobile slots games.

Adding variety and extra spice to the gameplay, these mobile casino bonus features appear in different avatars, depending on the game theme. Take a look at the below mentioned mobile casino slots bonus game features to whet your appetite for more interesting gameplay, increasing your bankroll and the entertainment value.


The most widely anticipated of all the symbols of an online or a mobile casino is the scatter. It is responsible for paying the scatter wins when 2 or more of them are seen at any position of the reels. They need not be a part of any payline to pay these wins.

Usually you require 3 or more of this symbol to trigger the free spins or the slots bonus games. Sometimes these scatters act as multipliers, whenever 2 or more of them are seen on the reels.

Wilds and Special Wilds

A Wild symbol is the most anticipated symbol in the mobile casino slots bonus game features. These special symbols will substitute for the other symbols and complete a winning payline. They don’t usually replace the scatter or bonus symbols.

Sometimes there is a bonus multiplier that’s associated with the wild symbol. It multiplies the total win for that payline and adds it to the total amount. You will always find some visual and audio effect to indicate there is a wild symbol on the reels.

Recognizing the need to make the game play interesting, different variations of the wild symbols are seen in any mobile slots. You can find Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Random Wilds and Sticky Wilds among others.

  • Expanding Wilds – A single wild seen on an enabled payline will expand over the entire reel. More wilds on a reel will increase your winning chances.
  • Stacked Wilds – A group of wilds will appear on the reels only under certain conditions. Being stacked means you have a better chance of landing a winning payline.
  • Sticky Wilds – They are commonly seen on the reel during the free spins. Whenever they appear, they remain stuck in that position for a few or for the remainder of the free spins. It can also expand over the entire reels. The original condition, is returned to after the completion of the feature.
  • Random Wilds – These symbols are truly random and can occur at any time during gameplay.

Mobile Casino Slots Bonus Games/Rounds

As the mobile casino slots become more advanced, it’s natural for them to incorporate more features or mini games into the gameplay. Usually it takes place in a new screen, which is customized to suit the slot game’s theme. You will find them triggered by the appearance of 3 or more scatter, bonus symbol or any other special symbol, in a particular combination, as mentioned in the game.

Almost all of the modern mobile casino slots have at least one bonus game.  You can win more prizes from this feature rather than from the base games, using the free spins multipliers or the pick and wins games. You can also read our blog to understand more about terms used in online mobile slot games.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The free spins bonus round is by far, the most profitable and likely feature of any of the mobile casino slots game. You can trigger this feature by landing 3 or more of the scatter symbol on the reels. You can win a certain number of free spins depending on the game’s rules.

The free spins are played at the same bet condition before this feature was triggered. You can retrigger the free spins by landing another set of scatter symbol on the reels. Usually there is a bonus multiplier that’s applied to the wins that are obtained during the free spins.

Pick and Win / Pick and Match

It is a simple mini game that is in line with the game’s theme. This is triggered by the appearance of the bonus symbols on the reels, satisfying certain conditions as specified in the game’s rules. It can be even part of the free spins feature.

You will have to match a set of symbols, or keep picking the symbols until the game ends. The final accumulated win is added to your total. It can be an instant win game, that directly adds to the total win or else a multiplier is applied to your total wins.

Collapsing reels

A unique feature where the reel symbols disappear after a winning payline occurs, to be replaced by a new set of symbols. It is also called as the Rolling Reels, and thus will create more opportunities for landing a winning payline.

Auto Spin/ Auto Play

For a continuous round of gameplay, you can enable the auto spin. You can play the slot game for a certain number of spins, after setting the betting amount and the number of paylines; and let the reels spin automatically.

After the number of free spins is completed, you can continue with the regular gameplay or again play with the auto spins. You can also increase your game speed by selecting this option.

Multi Paylines

The most common gameplay of the mobile casino slots games is employing multiple paylines. You can see slots with a minimum of 3 paylines and those that even go up to 100 or more paylines.

Another concept which is commonly seen in the online and mobile casino slots games is the ‘different ways to win’ format. Eliminating the need for having fixed paylines, the winning combination is formed by lining up the adjacent symbols as long as it’s from left to right. All the lines are enabled, which means you have numerous chances of landing a winning combination with a single spin. Currently 243 and 1024 ways to win format is seen in the slots games.

Gamble Feature

The best part of the slots game features is the gambling option. Enabled after every successful win, you can double or quadruple the wins. This includes you guessing the card’s suit or the card colour correctly. You can lose everything with a wrong guess.