09 Jun

Impact of Music while Playing Mobile Slots Game

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Play any of the slot games or the casino games and you are transported to a whole new world, where every spin, roll or turn of the game is highlighted with the thumping, soaring music. The mobile slots game providers are too smart to leave the success of their games, to chance. Bang on target is their strategy of using the best sound effects to bring in the players to their casinos.

Long gone are the days where the slot machine greeted the winners with blinking lights and tinny electronic music. Right now, it’s the winning note with celebratory sound playing in the background as the winning payline is announced with brilliant animations on the screen.

Casinos are going to great lengths to add the perfect sound effects that are comparable to the movies. Every single note and tune is perfectly in sync (pardon the pun) with the theme, features or the gameplay. Every win or near miss of the jackpot is accompanied by an apt sound track that’s bound to either make you ecstatic or encourage you to play even more.

Music affects us all

It’s not just plain talk. There is sufficient scientific proof that suggests that music has a big impact on the way you play. There is psychological, physical, behavioural and even cognitive ways in which sound affects the mobile slots player.

A recent study conducted by the University of Waterloo has enough proof to warrant further studies on the way sound makes us play. According to their published report, there were two groups of 48 experienced mobile slots players. One group played the multiline video slots with music on, while the other group played with mute on. Both were monitored for their skin conductance levels and ECG signals.

The results successfully established that the group which played with the sound on, experienced more enthusiasm, joy and overall game satisfaction, compared to the other group.

In case of playing a multiline mobile slots, the long list of possible winning combinations makes it quite tedious for the players to remember them all. Both the groups were found to overestimate the number of times that they actually won. Actually, they all relied on the visual and sound effect to the cue on their wins.

Magnify the near miss effect with Music

Casinos are masters in making the players think that they have just missed the jackpot by a whisker. Just imagine the payline combination for the jackpot, with all the symbols lined up except for the last one. Even though you have lost the jackpot, there is a background score that probably invokes the feeling of winning.

The invigorating slots music will make you believe that the near miss is a fluke; and that if you keep playing you will land the next jackpot. They want you to keep playing in the hope of making a big score.

It’s the same story in both the land based and the online casinos. The casinos have brought a big change to their gameplay; by adding sounds to introduce the slot game or the casino bonus features. Breaking away from the routine and monotonous sounds, it’s a chance for the game designers to show off their creative side.

Try playing a mobile slots game with the no music. You will probably spin for some time and lose your interest midway. It’s all part of the fun and entertainment that counts when playing. No music mean no fun; even if you win some rounds.

On a closing note, it’s the provoking sound that is part of the whole package of playing in a casino. The soaring, rousing and compelling sound is your magic wand to announce your winning payline without which it’s not much fun anyway. So go ahead; keep that music on and get those reels spinning!