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Get Musical with Glastonbury Cash Drop

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The Glastonbury Festival is just around the corner and we cannot be more excited about it! The most awaited summer festival returns in June from 22nd to 26th near Pilton, Somerset. It is time, again, to celebrate music, dance and art! And in addition to the annual festival of United Kingdom, we also bring to you the Glastonbury Cash Drop promotion on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Top 5 Amazing Facts about Glastonbury That One Should Know!

  1. 1. The first ever festival was held in the summers of 1970, and it was the next day after the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix passed away. If you know about Jimi Hendrix, it is either you are a big music fan, or you a slot lover who has played the Jimi Hendrix slot on Jackpot Mobile Casino.


  1. 2. In 1978, the Glastonbury happened without any prior planning! On their way to Stonehenge, people simply stopped by the farm where this festival takes place. It was then and there that it was decided that the festival should be on! Powered by a caravan, this festival had no celebrities performing in it, but still was a special one.


  1. 3. In 1981, the famous Pyramid stage was built. But this is not just an ordinary stage! When the festival is off, this stage is actually a cow-shed!


  1. 4. Unfortunately, in 1994, the Pyramid stage was burned down. But that did not stop the festival from going on. A makeshift stage was built in a blink so that the festival can go on without any hassles, and it did!


  1. 5. And the best of all! It was in 2003 that the festival saw a crime free, rain free, gatecrash free, and the one that successfully raised £1 million for charity.


Get the Festival Fever Going with Glastonbury Cash Drop

When everyone is preparing to drop the beats at the festival, we drop cash into your accounts! We will be selecting 10 random accounts, and will literally DROP cash into them! Keep a check of your account from 23rd June 2016 onwards, because if you do not log in and claim it by either wagering it or withdrawing (only partially) it, we can even take it back on the 30th of June! The amount is not a small one, but exactly £50! You can be one of those 10 lucky members to get £50 in your account for free! But it can go in vain if you do not follow the rules! So, claim it before we give it to someone else!

The Glastonbury Cash Drop promotion is totally random, and only regular members of Jackpot Mobile Casino will be eligible for the Cash Drop. It is your time to rock the festival, in your way! So, this year it is not just music, dance, and art, but there is a lot of cash! Have you shortlisted the games you wish to spend this free cash on?

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Get Musical with Glastonbury Cash Drop
Glastonbury festival is here and nothing can get better with some free cash on Glastonbury Cash Drop promotion on Jackpot Mobile Casino. Read facts & more