Age of Conquest is a fantasy-themed slot game with a number of stylized features. The game is primarily known for its fancy slot layout and sparkling background. The features are not maxed to pinnacle but with the overall sparkle, it can be more than enough. 


Age of Conquest is a 5 reel 20 payline slot play. The layout of the game is simply magnificent. Everything is placed in order and nothing jumps out like an awkward creation. The overall design of the game excels in the feature table and bonuses. In the background, a misty magical mountain can be seen. A hilltop castle and cloudy layouts can also be seen. Even the tiny spectacles can make the game a stand-out one. 


The symbols are strategically placed inside a gold etched table. The lower symbols are gold accented and the higher symbols are lanterns, swords, eagles and horses and a princess. The most lucrative symbol is the floppy-haired prince which pays 1, 5 or 15 x of the total stake. 


Free-spin feature is the simplest of all. These are triggered by landing the gold throne scatter on reels 1, 3 and 5. There are 3 different free spin and wild reel combinations in the free spin mode. They are 

  • 25 free spins with 1 wild reel
  • 8 free spins with 2 wild reels
  • 2 free spins with 3 wild reels

Bonus Features

The wild reel feature is the only bonus feature. Each time a diamond symbol lands, it illuminates one of the two lights in the mode meter above the table. This activates the Wild reel feature. The players have to keep in mind that, once the wild reels get over, the meter reverts to its original state.


Age of Conquest is a true entertaining slot game with bonus features. But somewhere down the line, it has reduced some of its features. But the game is still strong and full.