Jungle Gorilla is one of those games which is a little tough to review. The exterior looks flashy and feature filled, but it certainly lacks some heavy feature points that every basic slot game should have. Apart from this, the game of Jungle Gorilla is a massive slot with high profile reward structures.


The Monster Gorilla is the game’s Mascot even though he has nothing to do with the symbols. With a jungle theme and a splashing waterfall behind, Monster Gorilla is a fun game that should be played with a high happy face. Here, a dense, verdant, tropical jungle forms the backdrop to the reels. The visuals are bright, bold and very colourful and stand out very nicely against the dark backdrop.


The game’s symbols consist of A to J symbols covered in jungle creepers. The more rewarding are the 5 wild animals symbols. In order of the usual values are some green lizard, a parrot, an elephant, a tiger and a gorilla. The gorilla will be the most rewarding standard symbol, paying 1.25, 2 or 4.5 x your stake if the players land 5 on a payline. 


There is only one feature here. Multiplier feature will be the only bonus here at this game. In addition to this, wilds are also a form of bonus. The gold coin with the gorilla’s face is the scatter symbol. This can create a lot of impacts in the name of bonuses. Every time a gorilla face scatter appears, a multiplier attached to that reel increases by 1x.The multipliers become active when they land a win that includes a wild symbol. The current multiplier on the reel the wild landed on is then applied. It’s possible to land payouts of up to 500 x stake from a single payline win. Overall, they can combine to give the players 2,800 x stake wins per spin.


With Multiple Features and a special bonus feature, Gorilla Kingdom is a clean, exciting game without any hidden corners.