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World Cup 2018 Special: Try Out The All-New Football Studio Live Casino Game

For the last few weeks, billions of people have tuned in on the telly and the radio to the greatest show on earth currently taking place in the Russian Federation. Others have made pilgrimages -to stadiums actually- to watch live as the greatest religion ever invented is being put through its paces by sublimely skilled footy artists! The reference, of course, is to football, which has been proven to arouse passions to such a high extent that countless fans are more than willing to give up their lives and souls for their favourite team or club at the drop of a hat! If you have been avidly watching the matches so far and need either a break or an entertaining diversion in the form of a card game, then we have the remedy to what ails you! This is the Football Studio, a live card game that has players betting on cards. Sounds interesting, right? Do read on and see what else it’s offering for your amusement.

Football Studio Live Casino Game

A Live Football Studio For Real, Live Fun!

A live, courteous and impeccably dressed dealer is present in the Football Studio and deals a pair of cards. You can bet on either the home or away team having cards of the highest value, or their cards being of equal value. The gameplay mechanics are rather simple and makes for speedy action.

The Football Studio card game is notable for its football-obsessed theme. Indeed, you can expect to sight live statistics and all sorts of football-related news on the screen. As well, the backdrop happens to be the lushest, greenest and most beautiful football stadium you ever saw, lit by floodlights, while a smaller stadium masquerade as the card table.;

What can you expect in this game?

During gameplay, the dealer maintains a running commentary of football stats, news and the like. If there happens to be a match in progress you can, of course, expect the dealer to keep you up to date with what’s going on, while the table takes on the colours of the competing teams.

For player convenience, a collection of statistics is provided. These lets you see all the wins and losses during both home and away games, in addition to the number of players who won or lost in each round. With this aid, you can track your performance, calculate your win/loss ratio and decide if you need to tweak your strategy.

The action on Football Studio can also be accessed on all internet-connected devices anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to have fun throughout the boring times of the day and will as well deepen both your appreciation and insight into the greatest game ever.

A word of advice

Well, if you love football there’s no excuse not to lace up your boots and kick up some action with the Football Studio game. Try it out and get the goals coming at Jackpot Mobile Casino!