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Witness Magic with The Great Albini Slots

It’s always exciting to play new themed slots in a casino. And this year the fun has been elevated with the introduction of The Great Albini Slots. Designed by Foxium, this video slot game features The Great Albini and his co-star Lily just like they would enter a real magic show.

With the red carpet set and ready to take the imagination of the people a few notches higher, the game is much like a magic show come alive but this time with a lot of rewards and bonuses for the audience!

Play The Great Albini Slots

The Magic of The Great Albini Slots

Conjuring a lot of magic on the slot machine reels, The Great Albini Slots is a game with takes the players to a world of illusion. As the magician enters the theatre of dreams there are a lot of colours and interesting music bringing in a very lively feel of getting into a magic show.

With a display that features the magician and co-star the use of colours and graphics like purple smoke, lead the player to the theatre experience where a magic show is about to start!

Features of The Great Albini Slots

In a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines, the slot game kicks off a magic show in action. The symbols for the slot reels are comprised of the locked vault, knife targets, The Great Albini, co-star Lily, mystery boxes etc. The music and animations are very different from a usual slot game. Therefore this animation video slot brings in a fresh feel and something very new for the players.

The most innovative feature of the game is its change of reels during the free spins. Instead of the regular 3×5 slots, the free spins turns into a 5×6 slot thus increasing the paylines during the free spins feature. This is one of the new introductions to the video slots.

Time for Rewards with The Great Albini Slots

Of course, in a game of magic one is bound to expect a lot of surprises, The Great Albini is the biggest surprise in this video slot. The magician when appears on the screen brings in multipliers and re-spins leading the player to win a whooping wager of 4000x times their bet.

Lily, the co-star, aids in bringing better earning. With wild appearing on the reels the bonus is triggered and during this bonus, Lily appears in a cage locked. It is now that winners double their earnings on the spins.

The Great Albini Slots is an extremely interesting game of slots treating the players with a fresh new experience as the New Year unfolds.

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