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What Should Be Your Choice: Standard or Progressive Slots?


Online slots has never been more attractive or exciting than in the previous couple of years, with brand new slots applications suppliers competing to create the very intensive slots gaming experience possible. Traditionally, slots will be the most popular casino games, and therefore, you’ll always find more forms of slots than any other casino game. This is the same, no matter if that’s at a casino or an online one.

There are two chief types in the world of slots you will discover in any casino — standard slots and progressive slots. Newbie slots gamers are usually not very sure what the differences are between both. After all, they are frequently grouped with the ground (virtual or otherwise). Thus, what would be the principal differences between Standard slots and progressive slots? How do you tell which is which, and maybe more to the point, which you are playing?

Both kinds of slots are attractive for various reasons. Both provide excitement and a terrific gaming experience. Often it boils down to what your real goals are if you play slots. Are you planning to develop a slow and continuous deposit, or are you pursuing that enormous payday that you have been dreaming about? 

Understanding the answers to such questions might be a great starting point in picking advanced or standard slots. But, let us unpack every form of slot and find out how they operate, how they’re organized, and what advantages you may get from among these.

Standard Slots vs. Progressive Slots: Differences

While standard slots and progressive slots are usually grouped, you will find significant differences between these. These gaps may often be the deciding factor regarding which game you opt to go with.

  • Among the most critical differences between Standard slots and progressive slots is the jackpot in routine slots is a predetermined volume.
  • This means that the programmer of the slot determines the most significant potential jackpot win, and it can’t be altered or added to.
  • On the other hand, Progressive slots have changeable jackpot numbers that can continually be added to by engaging players.

Let us take a broader look at the differences between Standard slots and progressive slots, so making a more educated decision about which will be ideal for your requirements is possible.


Standard Slots — The Backbone of Any Casino

Standard slots constitute around 70 percent of  casino games on the ground, and it is the same for both brick-and-mortar casinos and online casino. “Standard” slots are not all that standard because they are in several alternatives, for example, the number of slots and pay lines they comprise, in addition to various unique in-game capabilities.

Classic Slots

Classic slots, also known as 3-reel slots, are predicated on the initial slots utilized in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos throughout the forties, fifties, and sixties. These slots tend to be easier to play because they comprise three slots and 1 to 5 pay lines, making them suitable for novices or casual slot gamers. Vintage 3-reel slots are top-rated because of their classic look and texture, borrowing lots of the original motif suggestions and attributes, including fruit symbols, celebrities, Lucky 7, as well as pubs. Typically, jackpots are relatively modest than slot games, but lovers of classic slots tend to have more fun than earning substantial wins.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots, also known as progressive jackpots, are alike in several approaches to regular slots at how they seem and are made. In addition, many progressives will occur after the 5-reel and several pay lines formats, making it effortless for film slots players to change over to progressives without an extra learning curve.

But, the actual principle difference between Standard slots and progressives must do with your winnings. In routine slots, the jackpot is given from the manufacturer, and that’s the maximum amount you could win. Together with progressives, this isn’t the situation, and how big the jackpot is limitless.

Video Slots

Video slots could be considered as the contemporary cousin to the first classic 3-reel slot matches. By incorporating two reels, raising the general structure to five reels, there’s considerable growth in winning chances. You will find far more odds of hitting large winning combos using five slots compared to 3 reels. 

Additionally, many 5-reel video slots comprise many more pay lines, including 10, 20, 25, or 50 pay lines or more. Some video slots allow you to choose the number of pay lines you wish to be active in a spin, which is excellent if you’re on a little bit of a tighter enjoying budget. But, you will find video slots where all of the pay lines are busy on each twist. In such examples, you still have control over your coin dimensions, which may mitigate the expenses of having your entire pay lines busy all the time.


Deciding if you ought to be playing standard slots or progressive slots can be challenging, as both have their pros and cons. Simply because a slot doesn’t have a progressive jackpot doesn’t indicate it is not worth playing with. Some standard slots have a more prominent chance to cover out (though more modest holes ) inside an all-inclusive period, which numerous players favor as there’s naturally less risk implied with playing with them.  

On the flip side, progressives pose a more exciting opportunity and are particularly suited to gamers who love a challenge or are cupboard adrenaline junkies. Sure, pursuing that enormous payday can be insecure, but when it occurs to cover off, you might be set for life.

Deciding where and when to perform is also a determining factor. Some players think that the ideal time to play slots, particularly progressive jackpot slots, is when the casino is at its busiest. That can be when more people are listening and listening to this ever-progressing jackpot.

But some players choose to play if the casino is more silent, as they feel much more comfortable playing less attention or evaluation. Playing on the internet is possibly the best of the two worlds, as gamers who prefer a little more solitude can still make the most of an internet casino’s busier intervals, in which jackpots are often at their greatest. The best thing about this is you don’t have to wait for your turn to play an especially hot slot.