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What is California Roulette All About?

What is California Roulette All About?

There are many Roulette games you might have played online, but what about California Roulette? California Roulette is the classical online Roulette game. Unfortunately, the casino games that contain dice and wheels are no longer allowed by the Californian government. So, this version of Roulette is the only Californian game that is still alive. The Californian gambling was somewhat like American Roulette with 38 cards and 38 numbers on the wheel. Each number has different colors, and those colors along with numbers, determine your destiny in the game. Keep reading this post if you are willing to know more about this classic Roulette version and how to play this Roulette game.

List of Gambling Games that Are Not Allowed in California

Californian Roulette is all about a ball landing in numbers or pockets, so that pretty much says why this game wasn’t technically banned by the state’s law. According to the California law 2004, games that don’t require any skills or techniques, are straightforward gambling. Hence, they decided that no cards or dice will be in charge. Therefore, as an outcome, the below list of games came to an end in the early 20s. 

  • Twenty-one
  • Faro
  • House-banked
  • Monte
  • Lansquenet
  • Seven-and-a-half
  • Rondo
  • Rouge et Noire
  • Fantan
  • Tan
  • Roulette
  • Hokey-pokey

During that time, different American states have different techniques for playing Roulette and crap games. However, later the government decided that it is illegal to drop the ball in a pocket to determine a winning number. So, they gave permission to play California Roulette with cards to conclude the winning number. 

In case you don’t know how to play the games on this list, you are not alone. These games were banned directly by the state’s law when they came into the picture. So, very few people know how exactly they work. But, you can always find out the rules about the latter and learn how to be a skilful Roulette player. Whether you are playing in a mobile casino or land-based Roulette, these skills will make you confident in winning the battle.

The Definition of California Roulette

Though this game of cards doesn’t have a Roulette wheel, it uses those identical numbers of a wheel. The dealer will shuffle the cards using their automatic machine, and the cards will decide your winning or losing bets depending on the card colors and suits. These are the basics of the game. And as you can easily tell that this game is super simple to play and win if you learn the rules correctly. 

In the normal Roulette version, you’ll see a Roulette table and board. There are a total of 8 players that play against the casino house with the ‘En Prison’ rule that gives the lowest house edge. American casinos are most popular in this context. They give the players the most advantage than any other casino wheels. However, California casinos are even greater than that. At the end of the game, the winners will gain profit as always, and the losers will lose their bets. 

What is the ‘En Prison’ rule? This rule is the most important factor of the game where you can withdraw your bet or half of the money if the bet is zero. However, you’ll not be able to withdraw the second time. Your half of the bet money is going to be even, and they will work when the bet is zero again.

What is California Roulette All About?

What is the Specific Strategy of Playing California Roulette?

Like all the other casino games, Roulette is a game of strategy, and before you decide to play against your friends, you need to learn the tactics. It does not matter whether you are playing in an online casino or a land-based casino. You need to learn some strategies before you can even expect to win some bets. You need to know about the payouts, and each casino is different in this context. Before you jump into a game, you can learn about their betting rules and payout techniques. 

If you don’t do that before the game, you’ll have no idea what and how your money is doing on the table. Get yourself familiar with the best. Meaning, when you make a bet on a single number, the possible result will be 36 or 37 to one odds. Try to combine your bets fractions so that you can expect a bigger chance of winning in each of your turns. 

For instance, when you do splits frequently, it increases your chances of winning a bet. However, even if the chance is increasing the value is decreasing. The amount of money will not be the same as when you bet for it instead. Hence, when you put a bet on a number, your chances of winning and the total sum of the money remain equal. 

More specifically, try to bet on six cell numbers that have two stripes and two numbers with black and red columns in it. They offer great odds and choices that are sure to give you a constant number of wins. Most importantly, study the table carefully before placing your bet. The dealer will give you a specific time to choose your bet before he closes the table.

Where to Play California Roulette?

Like other casino games like online poker and online slots, Roulette has its best online platforms. However, since this version of the casino is extremely rare, it’s unlikely to find them randomly. There are some places in the state where you can enjoy the thrill of land-based casino Roulette. 

Viejas Casino:

It is located in the Alpine of California where they offer their exclusive mystery card Roulette. Apart from that, you can play various poker and other casino slot games here. 

Pala Casino Spa Resort:

This luxurious resort has everything you can wish for. They have great foods, relaxing spa sessions, a traditional deck of 38 cards, and so on. Visit Pala of California to enjoy this thrill in life at least once.


Playing California Roulette is the best way to get the lowest house advantage, so why not? All you need to do is visiting a casino to play California Roulette but be careful not to place any stupid bets.