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Up To £60000 Cash Prize Up For Grabs at This Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese traditional calendar. It is celebrated as a part of the Chinese New Year festival and is the last day of this festival. Lantern Festival is also called as Spring Lantern Festival. This coincides with the February or early March on the Gregorian calendar. During the Lantern Festival, Chinese people lit up lanterns and let them in the air which symbolises letting go of their past worries and issues and begin a New Year. The lanterns are often made out of red colour which symbolises good fortune according to Chinese culture. Now avail your good fortune with a fantastic casino bonus online.

Check out the all the details of the happening February Carnival Missions during this Lantern Festival and grab cash prizes up to £60000.

Up To £60000 Cash Prizes

What is February Carnival Missions Casino Bonus Online?

February Carnival Missions is a global campaign that comes with interesting challenges for all the people aged 18 years and above. The players must register to avail an account to participate in these awesome slot games and challenges offered during this carnival mission.

February Carnival Missions is set to take place from 11th February 2019 from midnight to 17th February 2019 23.59 hours.

Games and Challenges offered during the February Carnival Missions

There are various slot games and challenges offered during the carnival mission. Check out the objectives that need to be completed below.

Lantern Festival Mission:

  • Hanzo’s Dojo- Customers must collect 88 Hanzo Symbols.
  • Vikings Go Berzerk- Collect to avail casino bonus online of 30 free spins symbols.

Venice Carnival Mission:

  • Trolls Bridge- The challenge here is to collect 2 random features
  • Valley of the Gods- Customers must collect 100 scarabs as the casino bonus online.

Rio Carnival Mission:

  • Vikings Go Wild- Collect a casino bonus online of 30 free spins symbols
  • Spina Colada– The challenge here is to collect 3 casino bonus online feature icons
  • Vikings Go to Hell- Customers must collect casino bonus online 100 free spin symbols

How can you Participate?

A pop-up window appears which asks the players to click on “join now”. Upon clicking on this option, the players confirm that they are interested in taking part in the Carnival mission.

To further participate in the objectives of the carnival mission, the players have to place the qualifying bets during the campaign period.

The players completing the mission during the first instance are given a unique player number. This number will be displayed with a focus on the leaderboard in the game client section where the players have to take their positions.

Lucrative Prizes On Offer

Upon completion of the objectives successfully, customers can avail fantastic prizes going up to a whopping £60000.

Winner of the Rio Carnival Mission gets 2 trip tickets to Rio worth £10000.

Venice Carnival Mission offers £0.40 or currency equivalent (“Qualifying Bet”).

Rio Carnival Mission offers £0.25 or currency equivalent (“Qualifying Bet”).