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An Ultimate Guide to Online Blackjack Lucky Ladies

Many companies specializing in the development of online games in the field of online gambling present various forms of Blackjack. Online Blackjack Lucky Ladies game was presented by the experts at FELT Gaming Company. It is a variation of Blackjack which involves bonus payouts by some special combinations. If you are someone who is not a big fan of standard rules in gambling games, you should like this game.

Description of Online Blackjack Lucky Ladies

 An Ultimate Guide to Online Blackjack Lucky Ladies

The game uses a traditional deck of fifty-two cards. Before each deal, a virtual dealer shuffles all the cards and there are no jokers.
The motive of the game is to win from the dealer by getting more points on the box than he does. Therefore, you should never exceed a score of twenty-one. If there is an excess on the dealer’s hand then the gambler will also get a payoff. The bets on each of the boxes can differ and can be in the range of one to hundred credits. Besides the main bets, the game also accepts side bets.

The value of cards in Online Blackjack Lucky Ladies game is same as in any other form of Blackjack. The cards ranging from ten to deuce are paid by denomination, the faces that are ten points. And ace – either one or eleven depending on the situation.
The game is of American type in which the dealer deals two cards first to himself out of which one is revealed. If the card is a ten or an ace, the second card is checked for Blackjack. In the scenario of Blackjack being on dealer’s hand, the player cannot hit.

Some special features of online Blackjack Lucky Ladies are:-

The dealer will hit to sixteen and stand on any seventeen.
Double is only allowed on nine, ten and eleven (even after the split).
The split is allowed only once on each box.
Each of the split aces will be dealt with only one card.
In case of a split, a ten and an ace formed on the box will not be considered a Blackjack.
There is an availability of an insurance of the Blackjack.
No surrender is allowed.

Standard payoffs of 1:1 by the regular box, 3:2 by Blackjack and 2:1 by insurance are used.

The Bonus games

The online Blackjack Lucky Ladies gives an opportunity to place side bets, which can only be placed after the main bet but draws independently of it. When first two cards have twenty points or one or more queens, the payoffs are changed. Wins will be calculated by the following indices:

Any of the queens – 1:1.
Twenty points – 3:1.
Twenty of the same suit of cards – 10:1.
A pair of queens – 100:1.

Online Blackjack Lucky Ladies is undoubtedly a great game and worth playing for everyone who is fond of uncommon variations of Blackjack. Because of the traditional rules, finding a strategy by the main bet is convenient. The side bets are recommended later as they are not profitable for the players in most of the situations.