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An Ultimate Guide to Fibonacci Strategy in Roulette Online Casino

The popular Fibonacci strategy is a much safer game strategy than Martingale in Roulette online casino. The benefit is that it gives the player more chances to win. It is an even chance system. So, it can be used on Red/Black or Odd/Even or on 1-18 and 18-36. So, if you are wondering how the Fibonacci strategy works, read further to know more about this simple mathematical system.

An Ultimate Guide to Fibonacci Strategy in Roulette Online Casino

Fibonacci in Roulette Online Casino Is Simple Maths

The system has an older origin. Long before it was used in casinos, the Fibonacci was an established mathematical sequence. According to its theory, you have to start with one. Then, add the previous two numbers. The answer that you get is the next number in the sequence.

1-1-2-3-5-8-13. This sequence goes on in a similar fashion. It is not necessary to always start with 1. The only important thing is that you need to add the previous two numbers to get the next number. But, in order to play safe, it is advisable to start with one. Once you have understood how the Fibonacci system works, it would be easier to use in Roulette online casino.

How do you Land Wins in Roulette Online Casino?

Once you start betting on one, you can move through the Fibonacci sequence as explained in the earlier example. So, the next question that arises is how to move so that you land more wins? If you win on the first break, you land in profit. If you win on the second or the third bet, you neither win nor lose. But, moving further will take you towards loss. One important fact is that the further you move in the sequence, there are more chances of losing. But you should not jump to immediate conclusions at this point. There are planned moves that you can take.

You should carefully move your way through the sequence till you land a win. For example:

  • Bet 1 and lose
  • Bet 2 and lose
  • Bet 3 and lose
  • Bet 5 and lose
  • Bet 8 and lose
  • Bet 13 and lose
  • Bet 21 and lose
  • Bet 34 and win

Stop at this point and move back two numbers. Now, place a bet on it. Now, it will be 13. Repeat the sequence till you reach the original starting point. In the end, your profit will be 1.

Fibonacci is Safer!

If you know more about the Martingale system in Roulette online casino, you will realise that Fibonacci is much safer. In both the systems, you get back to the sequence with a profit of 1. But in Fibonacci, you are safer. In the above example, there are eight losses in a series and the highest bet is 21. This is much lesser as compared to 256 with Martingale.

Although there is no guarantee of definite wins, still Fibonacci seems to be the more profitable one in Roulette online casino. So, play within safe limits and watch the fun!