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The Role of Croupier in a Live Casino

The croupier is a fixture in any live casino worth the name and is usually as fair and polite as can be to all and sundry. Now, the canny gambler endeavours to understand every aspect of the gameplay. That, of course, includes understanding the role of the croupier and how his actions on behalf of the casino can affect the overall gameplay experience.

The Role of Croupier in a Live Casino

With that being the case, read on as we explore what it is that the live dealers do and the significance of what they do.

Above All Else, The Croupier Is King!

Croupiers are also referred to as dealers. The word is derived from the French croup, with this referring to the hindquarters of a horse.

Back in the days, the word croupier was applied to folks who were tasked with standing just behind gamblers and keeping a tight hold on their reserve cash. Later on, the term was used about casino employees who collected money once bets had been made at the gambling table. Nowadays, croupiers include all individuals employed by a casino and tasked with running a casino game.

So, What Does A Croupier Do?

Well, the dealer’s job is seldom an easy one. He/she is tasked with presiding over any casino game, collecting bets and making payouts on wins. He must also explain gameplay rules to blockheads, ensure that these rules are adhered to the later, make charming small talk and keep an eagle eye out that a player is not cheating.

Croupiers must also know which player won and which lost their bet, calculate the exact amount won and is often required to be multilingual. Due to the very complicated nature of their jobs, it is not unusual for a casino to post multiple dealers on a single gameplay table.

A good indication of the strenuous jobs of croupiers can be seen during live casino games like roulette. These dealers must assign different colour stacks to each player, either ask players to place bets or place it for them, close and open the betting window and enforce a payout for all winning bets. This payout varies according to the bet size and wagered amount and calculating it is not the easiest thing in the world, to put it mildly!

Figuring out the correct payout for all winning bets at games like roulette often takes some time, with mistakes being commonplace. Should errors occur, it is not uncommon for croupiers to be insulted by players outraged for being underpaid their winning bet.

As to be expected, a croupier faces a lot of stress and tension and being one is assuredly not the easiest job in the world!

The role of the croupier in any live casino game is to make the overall gameplay experience as smooth and pleasurable as can be. Croupiers are expected to be adept at their job and by their very actions can enliven a casino table game or make it a nightmare for players and other casino staff.

Being one is not an easy job. They are however necessary as they add a sweet human touch to the whole gameplay experience.