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Slot Variance – Guide to Low and High Variance Slots

Slot Variance - Guide to Low and High Variance Slots

Most people choose the game based on its theme, the minimum bet, and if they are aware of RTP, then based on the RTP, a player starts playing, unaware whether they are playing high variance slots or low variance slots. When you first enter the casino or start playing on online casinos, you should learn about a few terms, and high variance slots and volatility are two of them.

In this guide, you will learn about variance and volatility, low and high variance slots, their differences, etc.

Why Is It Important?

If you are wondering why you need to learn about all these terms, you will soon find your answer. You must have noticed that some machines pay out a smaller amount now and then. While others don’t pay for a while, but when they do, the amount is large. These outcomes are not fixed or can be assessed that the machine will pay now. This uncertainty and the risk of losing more money for a while makes it important to understand the low and high variance slots.

What Are High Variance Slots?

There are three types of slot machines in an online casino: low-variance slots, medium-variance slots, and high-variance slots. High-variance games are the ones that involve a high amount of risk and greater chances of getting a big amount. These slots have higher volatility. But since you may get confused between variance and volatility, the terms are explained here.

What Is Variance?

Variance is not to be understood as the standard deviation, a measured range from the computed mean. But variance here is the measurement of long-term results and the risk involved. Variance is not measured for a time, and that’s the biggest difference between variance and volatility. Variance measures the changes in the results of a slot machine for a long period.

Slot Variance - Guide to Low and High Variance Slots

What Is Volatility?

It is the short-term measure of the changes in the outcome of a slot machine. It refers to a short period. Say you measure a week’s total gaining and losing outcomes against the total spin of reels, and you can figure out the variance that the machine pays after this number of spins and pays this much amount.

It is not to be confused with RTP. Instead, it measures the risk involved in the game and the short-terms shifts you will face in the game. So, if you talk about the high-volatile game, you are talking about the high unpredictability of the slots over a short time. Variance is not measured and available for a player to decide the game’s risk; instead, the measure of volatility compensates for it. These volatility ratings can offer help in determining variance.

High Volatility Slots Vs. Low Volatility Slots

As the name suggests, low volatility slots mean there is a lot less danger. You can bet a small amount, and the gains will be x1, x2, x3, x5, up to x500 times. The risk is low, but the payout is also low. Those who have a small budget can choose low-variance slots.

High-volatility slots require a good budget and lots of patience. The risk is high, and you may sit for a long time without earning a single penny, and it can be long before you earn any. But earnings are as huge as x10000 times your bet.

Who Should Play High Variance Slots?

Not everyone can play high variance slots, and there are certain prerequisites to play it.

You Must Have A Good Budget

Yes. The minimum and maximum bets on high variance slots are high. While you may play with $100 for 2-3 hours on low-variance slots, it will be spent within an hour on high-variance machines. 

You Must Have Patience

Low-variance slots pay you smaller payouts frequently, but high variance slots are the opposite. They require you to be patient with your losses. You must sit tight and play patiently. In the end, it will be worth it all, possibly.

You Must Be Willing To Take Risk

You must play the high-variance slots if you are willing to take the risk. Even after spending all your money, you may not get anything. Thus, you must set a budget that you can lose and stick to it.

Should You Play High Variance Slots?

If you think that you possess the above qualities and the means to play, yes, you can play high-variance slots, and they need you to be calm and play strategically with a clear mind.

Wrap Up

High-variance slot games are risky, but most players stick to them for a massive payout. But before playing them, you should learn a few things. Limit your budget, choose your games wisely, and be prepared to lose money. Patience and risk-taking ability are the two most important traits for playing high-variance slots.