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Differentiating between a real casino chip from a fake one

Tried luck on the Roulette? Didn’t work the way expected? After these two incidents, there come these two questions in mind, how about cashing some casino chips? Well, there are many players who think that some amount can also be made by cashing these casino chips, fake or real after trying some luck on the Roulette wheel and Poker.

That’s the natural tendency of a human mind to try such extraordinary arts, but this isn’t risky; it is very risky. A natural question arises: how can these casino chips be encashed or how more of them (usually fake) can be produced? Well, to understand all the science and art behind these casino chips, let us look at the different aspects from the very beginning of the existence of these chips.

Differentiating between a real casino chip from a fake one

What exactly are casino chips?

Casino chips or casino tokens are small disc-like structures weighing very less and are used in place of currency in the casino. They are just like food tokens; one can get at any restaurant by exchanging the exact value of money for them. Casino chips are similar to these food tokens, the only difference being that these chips cannot be used at restaurants but only at casino table games and casino slots. Every casino has its distinct casino chips, which are designed and painted in such a manner that the particular casino can easily identify and track down these chips.

The casino chips are produced in different colors corresponding to different amounts assigned to them. White and blue chips are used for $1; the red chips are used for $5, green chips for $25 also known as quarters, black chips assign an amount of $100, purple chips or barneys are worth $500 and the highest orange chips are worth $1000.

Casinos have standardized markings and signs on chips to denote that the chips are from that particular casino. These chips are either made up of ceramic or clay and then painted. So, a casino can easily identify the chips that belong to them. Since these casino chips have some standard weight, markings, and paint, they cannot be exactly reproduced. Casino chips without any logos on them are marked as fake.

Identifying the real and fake casino chips

Identifying the fake casino chips is not a big deal for the casino officials or workers. So, if a player is thinking of playing with some fake casino chips must be alert! Casino chips with higher values of currency, such as the orange chips, have tags embedded on them, which can be easily identified under UV rays. If a player enters with chips of such higher values, the cloud of suspicion is always above him/her. The secret officials roaming around the casino tables have a keen eye on each and every player, and thus, using the fake chips by playing with them on any casino table game could lead players to high charges being imposed on them. Therefore, counterfeiting the casino chips is not a cakewalk. These special tags on the chips also let the casino officials know how much a table is earning and losing. So, walking inside a casino with some fake chips can get the players flagged by security. Casino slot games also use some sort of chips, and the slots even have some program to identify the real chip. Entering any fake stuff in the slot may result in a 911 call.

Differentiating between a real casino chip from a fake one

A dealer is also a person having good knowledge about the casino chips. They can easily identify any fake chips with the help of their experience. Even if a player offers a good tip to the dealer, the continuous and surprising build-up of the amount on that particular table may alarm the officials that roam around the casino tables.

The new virtual chips and end of counterfeiting

These days are witnessing a hike in the online and live casino games. With the advancement in internet speeds and high-end broadcasting services, there are platforms that are developed to host casino table games online. Here there is no chance of bringing in any fake chips because players sit at home and play. No physical involvement of the player is encountered at such platforms. Live games are hosted, and bets are placed by the players sitting conveniently at their home.

There are platforms or websites that offer no lower or minimum betting amount. It can even be $0! There are best UK based online casinos that offer the best payout. Players can enroll themselves for such online casino games for enjoying zero disturbance and full comfort at their respective homes. Also, online Blackjack or online Poker are hosted on these platforms that are very safe, and the player can participate without any hesitation. There are best UK casino games that can be enjoyed by players without fearing any security issues as these web-portals and platforms are licensed and certified.

No casino chips are used in this online mode of gambling, so there is no chance of cheating or winning any cash even after any losses at the live casino game.