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Rainbow Ryan Vs Irish Charms Slots

Slots themed around the Emerald Isle are nothing new and are among the most popular on this galaxy. They usually feature a heady array of lucky icons, come with more colour than a paint bucket can summon and are loaded with all manner of features that are expressly designed to impress, charm and bewitch. If you are a fan of such slots, then you might have come across either the Rainbow Ryan slots or the Irish Charms slots. Despite sharing a common theme, these slots online come with enough differences to make gameplay distinct.

Play Rainbow Ryan and Irish Charms Slots

Difference between Rainbow Ryan and Irish Charms Slots Online

  • Setting – incongruously, the Rainbow Ryan slot is set on a stage, a massive one, mind, on which floodlights are mounted. To the left and right are massive speakers that look capable of making a Martian deaf and the featured leprechaun is apparently slated to climb on this stage and put in a performance that will no doubt be marvelled at!

The Irish Charms slots, on the other hand, is set on the very green fields of Ireland. The icons used are simpler than those found on the Rainbow Ryan but still packed with colour.

  • Reels And Paylines – Irish Charms is an unpretentious affair with just 3 reels and an equal number of paylines. In effect, it can nearly be classified as a classic slot.

The Rainbow Ryan, however, packs much heavier artillery with 6 reels, 4 rows and ways to win of 4,096.

  • Audio – the Irish Charms appears ready to maintain its retro character to the end. Consequently, its audio effects consist of beeps, chirps and the like. In contrast, the Rainbow Ryan slot has a rock-influenced soundtrack that pounds away at the senses.
  • Bonuses – there are no bonuses worth the name in the Irish Charms slots. While this means that the players can focus on the game with nothing to distract them, one can’t help but feel the lack. The Rainbow Ryan slot, on the other hand, is positively feature-packed where bonuses are concerned. The first bonus is the Rainbow Reels where the banjo-strumming leprechaun uses his musical tool to force identical icons to appear. The other bonus round is a Free Games mode where up to 20 free spins can be awarded depending on how many of the triggering icons are present.

Irish-themed slots like the Rainbow Ryan and Irish Charms slots offer players a way to connect with the old country and possibly get lucky. While the two slots covered in this article have the same theme and share a few icons, the design philosophy and gameplay experience are markedly different. Explore both if you can and have lots of fun while at it!

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