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Playing No Zero Roulette is a Cakewalk! Read More Here!

Playing No Zero Roulette is a Cakewalk! Read More Here!

Everyone talks about zero, double zero, and triple zero Roulettes but does online Roulette come with a no-zero wheel? Generally, I have seen single zero wheels in European countries and double zero Roulette wheels in America. If you see the statistics, you’ll find that the European wheels offer more winning percentage than the American ones. Now, imagine what will a Roulette wheel without a zero will do? It will make your game easier. So, if you are starting out or just curious about this new mobile casino Roulette game, have a look at this post to learn more.

Sites for Playing No Zero Roulette Wheels

Not all online uk casino sites offer a no zero wheel, but some that do are truly genius. We have done our digging in the past and recently to find out what are those sites that offer this immersive gambling experience. And we have come out with some of them. But before we know the names of those sites, here, have a look at some of the advantages you can expect from them.

  • They don’t have a traditional zero sector 
  • Let’s you gain the full benefits of playing a lower house edge
  • Comes with the online mobile casino version 
  • Offers online slot machines and online Poker games as well
  • Gives you the same deposit bonuses when you join their community
  • Provides an innovative online Roulette experience. 

So, now that we know what they are good at let’s have a look at who they are.

  • Indigo Casino
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Spin Palace 
  • Jackpot City
  • Betway Casino

You may have heard their names before or even played with them, you just didn’t know that they host a no zero wheel Roulette game. But now you do.

Tips for Playing No Zero Roulette

You put your wagers on single-digit numbers in American Roulette wheels, and they give you a 38-1 chance of winning. On the other hand, a European wheel offers you a 37-1 because it lacks a zero spot. The individual number bets are 35-1, and you can calculate the house edge of both of the wheels at 5.26% and 2.63%. But when you are playing a wheel that has no zero spots, it decreases the house advantage of the casino. Hence, if you are experienced a little in playing Roulette wheels, you can call on straight or true odds in that. 

When Roulette was first invented, it had a no zero sector in it, but when casinos saw that they were getting no in house advantage, they invented the machine with single and double zeros. But nowadays we all have become smarter. But this type of zero wheels is not currently available in land-based casinos. So, to play them, you will have to check out the sites we mentioned above. 

0.0% in house advantage can easily add some money to your bank without much effort. However, for that, you need to learn the rules and apply them correctly.

Playing No Zero Roulette is a Cakewalk! Read More Here!

Features and Description of No Zero Roulette 

You don’t need to calculate the possibility of winning at a no zero wheel if for two reasons. A. the chances are equal for you and the casino. B. you are sure to win if you play it right. If you play the classic version of this wheel, you get 36 sectors, and if you make a bet on one of this number, you win 36 to 1. And to a no zero sector, you win by 2.67%.

All Roulette games come with the same rules. All you have to do is put a bet on a number and place the chip on the game table and the wheel to spin it virtually. However, the special no zero wheel comes with these additional rules.

  • The large and small areas which are also red and black areas, they have numbers from 1-18 and 19-36
  • You will have to bet on 1-6 positions in horizontal, corner, and straight cells
  • You can bet on dozens as in 24-36

The bet available on this particular wheel is not different from other forms of Roulettes. If you win the game, you will receive all the money in your bank account or wait until the withdrawal is available. If you lose, that money will be deducted from the same account. 

Why Don’t All Casinos Offer This Deal?

When you place a red bet and the wheel generates a red number, you will receive the payout at the end of the game. No matter how many wagers you put, there will always be a chance of winning at least 50% in the red. Meaning, if you put the money and time on it to figure it out, you have the whole chance of winning and the casino is at loss.

That’s why most of the casinos don’t offer this deal. Because for them, it is no profit.

What are the Risks of Playing No Zero Casinos?

This is known as ‘risk of ruin’ the Roulette where you have the same skilled players as you playing against you. It’s like luck with a 50% outcome. It’s like if you flip a coin and say it’s tail if you don’t get the tail and your competitor gets one, you are at a loss. If you put a wager on each of those calls, there is a chance of you giving away all your money. 

Here is the thing, you can play it off nicely if you learn the techniques. You can also compare the odds of winning. If you compare them with the European wheel and American Roulette, you’ll see that no zero is always the best among them. 

Are you Ready to Play?

This article has built a positive mindset in you so that you can go ahead and perform your big no zero wins for the first time. Still, if there is something bothering you, for example, confusion, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.