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Play Newly Launched Arcade-themed Slots

Are you a fan of arcade-themed slots? If so, a couple has recently been released and as expected are packed to the brim with all manner of features and colourful graphics. These are the Arcade Bomb and Cyrus the Virus slots and will be explored in turn.

Play Arcade-themed Slots

Bomb And Prosper arcade-themed slots!

The Arcade Bomb slot is made by Red Tiger Gaming, has the standard fruit icons and boast quite a colourful set of reels. It comes with five reels, a trio of rows and a fixed payline of twenty. Thankfully wins can be formed in either direction and the setting is in space, though the sight of fruits floating while unencumbered by gravity does seem odd.

This arcade-themed slots has an innovative bonus mode that involves bombs of different colours going off in different patterns and turning all icons in range into matching ones. As to be expected, this has the intended effect of boosting wins, apart from making for entertaining gameplay.

This arcade-themed slots also has an RTP of 96.15%, looks good enough to chow down, and provides enough detonating wins to the players.

The Infectious Virus Is Here

Cyrus the Virus slot is made by Yggdrasil gaming and the name refers to the theme- which is the journey of a virus through the body of a host. Now, given that viruses are not cuddly things that mean good for living things, such a theme might be off-putting for some. But once the shock wears off, the audacity and the ability with which it is carried out will win over sceptics.

This arcade-themed slots has five reels, a trio of rows and 10 paylines. Gameplay can be accessed on all internet-connected devices, while 10p and ₤40 make up the minimum and maximum bet amounts respectively.

In keeping with such a morbid theme, the icons on the reels comprise viruses of different shapes and sizes. The graphics to be seen are simple but get the job done, while the slick animation effects and futuristic audio warms the heart.

Gameplay here is simple enough that even a virus might get the hang of it in a second or two and just a single bonus is provided. This is an expanded wild that shows up exclusively on the middle reels. It triggers a respin, during which the said wild icon is locked in position.

The Cyrus the Virus slot offers players the opportunity to form wins in either a right to left or left to right direction has expanding wild icons that regularly puts in an appearance. Overall, it is a high variance arcade-themed slots that is definitely worth taking a morbid look at.