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How to Play Hi-Lo Blackjack Online?

If Blackjack is the reason you visit casinos, then you no longer have to go the distance! You might have already played Blackjack online, but now even the Hi-Lo version is available to play! With Hi-Lo Blackjack online now available to play at Jackpot Mobile Casino, you get all the fun of a real casino on your fingertips.

How to go About Hi-Lo Blackjack Online?

How to Play Hi-Lo Blackjack Online?

You might have a fair idea about the gameplay of Blackjack, and its online version is no different either. But to make things crystal clear, read on how to play Hi-Lo Blackjack online.

Place your bets

Like your regular Blackjack, you start your game by placing the bets on the table and click on ‘Place Bets’ to submit your bet. There, you will see an option of Hi-Lo bet. Do not forget to select that.

Hi-Lo feature

Hi-Lo feature appears as one of the bets the player selects before hitting ‘DEAL’. Select this feature and then hit the DEAL button. Hi-Lo simply means that the player is placing a bet on the value of the second card that the dealer will draw. The bet is on whether the value of the second card will be higher or lower than the first card. Winning or losing in this bet does not determine your win in the main game. Hi-Lo bet is basically a side bet. Once this bet is played, it is virtually removed from the table and the regular game of Blackjack continues.

The game of Blackjack

Once you are done with the side bet, including the Hi-Lo bet, the regular game of Blackjack goes on. Hit or Stand, as you may feel is right, or even split, double, or buy insurance. The objective remains the same, to win over the dealer by getting a higher hand, but not going beyond the total of 21.

Sit Back and Enjoy Hi-Lo Blackjack online

With the added feature of Hi-Lo, Blackjack becomes all the more interesting. Get your hands on this amazing casino table game right away! Jackpot Mobile Casino proudly presents to you this version of the mighty Blackjack, brought to you by NYX-Realistic. Giving an RTP of 99.92%, Hi-Lo Blackjack online is the perfect game to invest your time and money in!