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Paroli Casino Gambling Strategy to win big!

The anti-thesis of the Martingale casino gambling is the Paroli casino gambling strategy. While the former is based on doubling your bet after very loss, the latter is about, you increasing your bet by one unit or chip after every win.

The Paroli betting strategy is more likely to be used by all, because of its straight forward implementation. There are no calculations, or keeping track of your losses, in the Paroli betting system. You have to just note how many progressions of the wins you want to occur, before you stop using this tactic. You start over with the initial bet, after this condition is met.

Understanding the Paroli system

The first thing to consider when using any of the casino gambling strategies, is to set a limit of the winning or losing amount that you are willing to risk. Based on this you can apply any of the online casino betting strategies.

In the Paroli betting system, you have to make a wager on the casino game. Before that, decide on the number of progressions that you want to play for, before applying this betting strategy to the game. Usually this is around 3 or 4, but it can be higher. This is necessary, as you don’t know when your winning streak will end and you start losing. It will determine at what point you will roll back to the original bet, in case of you lose or have reached the progressive limit set for yourself.

The first time you place a wager and win, you make another wager which is increased by one chip bet or one unit. If you win again, continue with the same strategy, until you face a loss or you have reached the number of progressive that you had limited yourself to. You begin the entire process again with the initial bet.

For example, you have limited yourself to 3 successive wins and start betting on the casino game.

  • Bet 1 and win. Increase the unit by one. Net win = 1
  • Bet 2 and win. Increase the unit by one. Net win = 2
  • Bet 3 and win. Increase the unit by one. Net win = 3
  • Bet 1 and win. (Continue from the beginning, i.e. restart the progression, since the limit of 3 successive wins is reached)

In the last situation, you encounter a loss during the game and the maximum loss that you will incur is one.

  • Bet 1 and win. Increase the unit by one. Net win = 1
  • Bet 2 and win. Increase the unit by one. Net win = 2
  • Bet 3 and lose. Net loss = 1

This is a very viable situation, as you don’t end up doubling your bet, whenever a loss occurs, as seen in the Martingale betting strategy.

The Paroli betting system is based on the theory of you taking advantage of the winning streak. While it looks good on paper, in reality there is no winning streak. It is entirely based on the unpredictability of the game. It might give you wins in the short term, but in the long run there is not much profit using this casino gaming strategy.