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Panda Pow vs Paws of Fury Slots

Panda Pow and Paws of Fury slots are both popular online slots that are played by both novices and professionals alike. Despite having similar names, there are some distinct features that make these slots a bit different from each other. By having an idea of these differences, you can get to know more about their features and accordingly devise the strategies to bag greater rewards. The central theme revolves around Panda, that cute lazy creature that symbolises good luck. While the mobile slot games is developed and distributed by Lightning Box Games, the latter is developed and distributed by Blueprint Gaming.

Panda Pow vs Paws of Fury Slots

Panda Pow and Paws of Fury Slots have Different Paylines

The basic difference between Panda Pow and Paws of Fury slots is that the former consists of 25 paylines while the latter has 20 fixed paylines. However, both consist of five reels with three rows. In case of Panda Pow, the reels rotate inside an ornamented gold frame with a red background that is adorned with bright bamboo leaves and temples. But the setting of Paws of Fury is a bit different. Here we have a gold frame that is being ‘ogled’ by a panda from the left side as if it is scrutinizing your wins! The background is designed in red colour in the midst of a wooden structure.

Symbols are different in both Slots

The higher value symbols in Panda Pow consist of a Panda sitting on a branch, gold coins, goldfish, blue fan and a Chinese lantern. The panda acts as the wild and scatter symbol. The Paws of Fury slots have symbols with high value as a panda, temple, and the logo of the game, a purple coloured book and a dim sum bowl. The wild symbol is the golden paw and acts as the substitute for other symbols.

Panda Pow and Paws of Fury Slots- Each has their own set of Bonus Features

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, Paws of Fury slot seem to score a bit more over Panda Pows. While the main attraction of Panda Pow is free spins, Paws of Fury consists of attractive bonuses. If you land the wild or scatter symbols in the right places on the reels, you can win free spins ranging from 5 to 20 in Panda Pows. You get luckier and earn more spins if you land the golden panda scatter symbol.

There is more impetus on other kinds of bonuses than free spins in Paws of Fury. Some of the attractive bonuses include Panda bonus, Win Sum Doug, Journey of the Panda bonus and so on. In addition, there are mini bonus features, such as Pandemonium Wilds, Eye of the Panda and so on. There is a whopping ‘Enter the Panda’ bonus that lets you win 1000 times your total betting amount.

To sum up, both Panda Pow and Paws of Fury slots have their own unique features. Going by the RTP scores of 95.51% and 95.16%, there is very little to compare between the two. The only major differentiating factor between the two seems to be the number of bonuses and promotions.