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Optimizing scratch card odds: A quick read

Every gaming fanatic has been in a situation at least once, where he tried his luck on scratch cards. However, scratch cards are not limited to only gambling or don’t always come with high stakes. Such cards can be found at the departmental or local chain stores – sold by companies as a game for the buyers. 

The prizes for such scratch cards can range anywhere from a small amount, possibly the cost of the card itself to large lottery amounts. The task of determining such scratch card odds and buying accordingly can really be a master move in order to win bigger prizes. 

Optimising scratch card odds: A quick read

Every now and then, many companies announce new gambles and lottery games. Both freshers and experienced players purchase the scratch cards for such games, hoping to win the grand prize with better scratch card odds. But, luck cannot be the sole measure to rely upon when you look forward to winning a prize. Certain steps can be taken to gain an edge over others and improve the scratch card odds. These areas are as under – 

Know the price and prize

The first and foremost thing you should consider is the cost of the scratch cards or lottery tickets. Generally, a nominal price is to be paid for the lottery tickets. Although it might depend upon the place where you are buying those, scratch cards do not tend to cost a bomb. You can surely afford to pay a regular price for scratch cards. On the other hand, it is necessary to check out the gifts or prizes at the end. Oftentimes, multiple prizes are declared by the company to lure the buyers and convince them to purchase the tickets. Thus, the variety of such prizes should be considered before stepping in the game. 

Check for availability of bigger prizes

An important step you might want to take before even buying the scratch cards is to acknowledge the availability of the grand prize. If the biggest lottery prize on those cards has already been claimed, there is no use of wasting money on such tickets if the other prizes are not significantly high. Of course, if the grand prize has been won by somebody, the stores would automatically stop selling the tickets of that game, but that doesn’t mean you should not look out for smaller prizes. Remember that only one ticket is eligible to win the grand prize. In the sea of thousands of such tickets, the probability of you winning a prize is negligible. Therefore, you should try to focus on winning the second or third-tier prizes in case the big jackpot has been struck by another lucky individual.

Check the fine print

One big mistake many people often commit is ignoring the fine print on scratch cards. Such fine print or small-sized texts are usually found on the bottom of the back of a lottery ticket. At times, they disclose certain important information or the terms and conditions of winning the prize including scratch card odds, as levied by the company. There is a massive possibility that you might not pay heed to the negligible texts or prints and end up in a wrong situation due to the same reason. The expiration of the lottery ticket, expiration of the game itself and odds of winning the prize are often mentioned in such smaller prints that can be of high usefulness to anyone. Therefore, make sure that you read the fine print very carefully. 

Optimising scratch card odds: A quick read

Buy multiple tickets

The more, the merrier! Right? Well, in the case of winning a lottery, this is definitely the motto to go by. If you buy a certain number of tickets, larger than the average, your chances of winning increase naturally. The typical score of winning is one in a few hundred or even thousands – on the basis of a number of scratch cards released by the company for a particular prize. But, in all circumstances, it can be predicted that if you buy more than just one or two scratch cards, you definitely secure your chances of winning at least something from the whole contest. 

Keep the older tickets

The concept of preserving the older lottery tickets and used scratch cards does not sound very appealing to a large number of people. Whereas, it is actually a very smart idea. Scratch card odds can change at any random point. There might be a chance where no person has purchased the actual winning ticket, or maybe the winner has not been able to claim the prize. In either case, when the game does not end up with a winner before time runs out, the company can decide to pick out a random winner amongst those tickets which have been sold. If your luck turns in your favor, you might end up winning a grand prize even past the expiry date of the contest. In such situations, it is advisable to keep the old tickets rather than throwing them out. 

By following these tips, you can easily improve your scratch card odds and get a better chance at winning the grand prize.