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New Video Poker Games Launch at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Video Poker provides great chances of winning some good money. Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to all such players some new Video Poker games. If you try these, you are sure to discover new and interesting features together with the winning possibilities. Read on to know more.

New Video Poker Games Launch at Jackpot Mobile Casino

All Clueless Strategy For Winning at New Video Poker Games

It is an art to hide all expressions from others in life and in Poker it becomes all the more crucial. That is how a typical poker game makes you win real money. But if you are thinking that this is the only strategy that can make you win in poker, you might want to reconsider the generalisation.

No Bluffing When You Play Caribbean Stud Poker

What started as a table Poker game in land-based casinos has now evolved to be a five-card stud poker game that players can play online. And hence it is easy to understand why bluffing is useless with Caribbean Stud Poker. The well-known David Sklansky claims to have invented the game back in 1982. Too bad that while he could not get a patent on it, the game turned out to be a top favourite amongst poker players.

The players have to remain quiet and cannot communicate with the Dealer while playing the game. Another important rule is that each player can have only one hand on the table. Through years of gameplay, the “Blocker Effect” strategy is the most suitable to play this game. It is the strategy that is most likely to get the best A-K hand to the player. Expert tip- Play using any pair that you have but fold less than A-K. Also, waiting till there is a six-figure jackpot amount is worth it.

Experts believe this is the next level game for players who have already become pro at the Poker games.

With The Three Card Poker Three Is Not A Crowd

Three Card Poker is one of the fast-moving new Video Poker games on Jackpot Mobile Casino, which is doing well to establish itself with Blackjack, Roulette and the likes already in the race for top games.

There are hundreds of online casinos offering to provide the game to the players, making it clear that this is one great thing. Earning high payouts is possible with this game and getting up to 30 times the wager has been the luck of innumerable players. With the Pair Plus option, you have a certain chance to win something. Flush, Pair, High Card, Three of A Kind, Straight and Straight Flush are the hand rankings in Three Card Poker, making it evident that these are different from the usual New Video Poker Games, yet potentially interesting.

Summing Up

The new Video Poker games offer real money along with the adrenaline rush, with easy playing terms and conditions. So, start playing today at Jackpot Mobile Casino and you will be all set to be the poker-pro with a happy ego.