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New Online Casino Games at Jackpot Mobile Casino

You can now play three wonderful new online casino games by Gamevy at Jackpot mobile casino. These casino games are completely different from the standard online slot games and provide a quite refreshing gaming experience. Boss the Lotto and Spin Lotto are lottery-type games and Diamond Deal is a great scratch card game.

New Online Casino Games at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Play Gamevy’s New Online Casino Games

  • Boss the Lotto: This brilliant lottery game has decent graphics and gives an authentic lottery machine experience. It presents 49 balls in front of you arranged in various rows. Out of these 6 are bad balls and those are not the ones you would want to touch. Your aim is to find at least six good balls simultaneously so that the cash out option is highlighted and thereafter you can choose to withdraw your winnings. You can find these balls by clicking on each ball or choosing to swipe through multiple balls.

  • Spin Lotto: Select your lucky number and your lucky star. Numbers one through forty-nine gives you five different options to choose the former and numbers one through fifteen gives you options to choose the latter. While lining two or more lucky numbered balls in any direction or order can reward you an instantaneous win, at the same time, the lucky star can boost the win with a bonus or convert a match one into a win. To play this multicoloured game, you just need to choose the numbers of lines you wish to play and bet per line.

  • Diamond Deal: This scratch card game by Gamevy asks you to find ten diamonds hidden beneath fifty squares. If you all of these in a row, you win the big Jackpot of the game. Hitting an empty box lowers your win amount and also takes away one life from your life meter. Try not to lose all four lives or your game will end. You can cash out the prize as soon as you find your first diamond. Finding each subsequent diamond will further increase your prize and the probability of winning a handsome Jackpot. If you find a diamond after you have lost one life, your life meter will again reset to four.

You Just Cannot Stop Playing!

These new online casino games are so simple to play that hours pass by and you don’t want to stop playing them. People who enjoy uncertainty factor associated with these are sure going to have a great time playing them. Moreover, these new online casino games come with decent graphics and relevant sound effects and these add up to the wonderful gameplay.