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The Nature Of House Edge In Casino Games

In every casino game, the house edge plays a very prominent role in helping players to know beforehand what they stand to lose on their first wager. This is because, in all casino games, players would be intimated with the percentage of their initial wager that will be lost to the casino before they play the game. This is the level of risk which all players would be willing to take to place that first wager in an online casino game of their choosing. This article highlights the house edge of some popular casino games on Jackpot Mobile Casino to give you a pretty good idea of what you are getting into when you decide to play an online casino game.

The Nature Of House Edge In Casino Games

What Is The House Edge Of Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker And Video Poker?

No need for bluffing or working on your poker face in Caribbean Stud Poker. You get to play against the dealer or house. Five cards are each dealt to you and of course the dealer with your five-card facing upwards while the dealer has all cards facing downwards except one card which faces upward. You place your initial wager which is known as an ‘Ante Bet’ to get the game started. In this game the house edge seats at between 5 per cent and 5.26 per cent. So an ‘Ante Bet’ of £20 would see you losing between £1 and £1.052 to the house. A ‘Royal Flush’ could see you walking away with a payout of 200 to 1.

Three Card Poker, on the other hand, is slightly different from Caribbean Stud Poker in the sense that the dealer deals three playing cards to himself and to each of the players at the table. The house may keep as much as 7.28 per cent for a Pairplus. This would mean that with a £20 ‘Ante Bet’, you would lose about £1.46. For Video Poker games such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, you can expect to lose between 5 per cent and 0.46 per cent to the house. On a £20 ‘Ante Bet’ you could lose just £0.092 on a 0.46 per cent house edge.

Single Zero Roulette Has A Smaller House Edge Compared To Caribbean Stud Poker

Playing any one of many variants of single zero Roulette or otherwise called European Roulette on Jackpot Mobile Casino is fun. Roulette is a game of chance where a ball spins on wheel comprising of 36 numbers plus the single zero making 37 numbers in all. Bets are placed on the ball landing on a number or numbers as the case may be. The house will take between 2.5 and 2.7 per cent of your initial bet. So a £20 bet will see the housekeeping between £0.50 to £0.54 respectively.

Video Slot Machines Have Varying House Edge

Everyone loves to play a video slot game and there’s no better online casino to have your fill of slots than Jackpot Mobile Casino. What’s more, you can play instant mobile slot games directly from your mobile browser. But the house-edge of video slot machines vary tremendously and actually depend on the returns provided by the software developer. The range can be from 2 to 15 per cent. With a £20 bet, for example, you could be losing as much as £3 to the house.

Bet Banker, Player Or Tie With Baccarat Casino Game

Each of the bets you make in a game of Baccarat comes with its own house edge. The game of Baccarat sees you placing a bet on which of the ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ would have a stronger hand (i.e. one with card values up to, but not greater than 9 points). A ‘Tie’ bet can also be placed by a player. With the ‘Banker’ bet you have the house holding on to 1.06 per cent of your bet. A ‘Player’ bet will see you losing 1.24 per cent while with a ‘Tie’ bet, the house will keep as much as 14.36 per cent of your bet.

Low House Edge For A Single Deck Blackjack Game

Finally, there is a house-edge for a single deck blackjack game played on Jackpot Mobile Casino where the game follows the liberal Vegas rules. In this rule, a dealer will ‘Stand’ where he/she has a soft ‘17. Also, a player can ‘Double’ on any couple of playing cards or ‘Double’ under the following circumstances;

  • where Aces have been resplit or during a late ‘Surrender’.

Then the house edge in all these cases will be 0.28 per cent of your initial bet. So, for example, a bet £20 will see the household on to token sum of £0.056.