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Mobile Slots Themes Boost Your Casino Experiences

The first thing you notice about when you mobile casino games for real money or the online games, is the mobile slots theme. If it weren’t for them, then all of the casino games would look the same. In addition, to differentiate the various software game providers, they must employ the themes as a means of standing out.

The themes are themselves a separate factor which influences the gameplay, its bonus features and bonus games. Deciding the visual and audio effect of the games, it affects the player’s interest. Compelling them to keep their curiosity flowing, they are piqued to find out more about the game. Attracting and inviting, the mobile slots themes are a point of comment for the game reviews.

The most popular ones are as mentioned below. Take a look at the below mentioned ones to grasp at what differentiate the rest.

Ancient world mobile slots theme

When running out of ideas for the casino game themes, game providers always stick to the tried and tested ancient world theme games like Mayan Marvel slots. Topping this list is the Egyptian, followed by the Mayan, Indian, Inca, Red Indian etc. Having much scope for showing of their designing prowess, it is the culmination of their ingenuity, versatility that makes this the evergreen theme for the online casinos.

Adventure mobile slots theme

Set sail on the oceans looking for hidden treasures, or go prospecting for gold. If you fancy space adventure, even that is available. If this was not enough, then begin your magical or fantasy adventure, as spin the world. At Jackpot mobile casino we have games with similar theme like Gonzo’s Quest Slots, 1 Can 2 Can Slots,  Gorilla Go wild Slots, Cave Raiders mobile slot and many more

Sc-Fi mobile slots theme

So what if we can’t travel to the future searching for hi-tech civilisation. We will make do with our own special Sc-Fi world, where the futuristic gadgets, innovations are at your finger tips with games like Starmania Slots, Spin Lab slots etc. Whether it’s a peaceful or violent one, depends on your taste.

Comedy/fun theme/Cartoon themed

Bringing a smile for their unusual and funny depictions of the mundane situations, they are accompanied by a grooving music. Cats, rabbits, bugs bunny, 3 little pigs, Kung Fu Panda, and many more are just waiting for you.

Children’s book

Another favourite for the game providers is adapting the popular Children’s tale to the mobile slots scenario. An all time favourite theme, it is great way to reminisce your childhood tales albeit in an adult platform.

Warfare Combat mobile slots theme

Shoot those winning symbols into place for a war themed adventure on the reels. Jackpot mobile casino has one of the best warfare mobile slots theme game, 300 shields.

Vegas Theme

A virtual visit to the fun and exciting Vegas Strip is guaranteed whenever this theme is used by the slots developers. Expect a lot a bright lights blaring music, casino chips, cards and dice showing up on the reels.  Blow on the dice to roll in the big wins.

Movies/ TV show themes

The latest fad among the mobile slots is using the popular movies or TV shows as the slots theme like Trolls Tale Slots, 300 shields Slots, Heroic: Eye of the Dragon Slots etc. Exclusive rights from the movie or TV studios are required for getting their slots to be developed.

Comics – Take a look at top mobile slots and you will atleast one Marvel/DC comic themes slot. You get to be the superhero and save the world, albeit in a virtual space. Winning the jackpot is an added bonus.

Nature mobile slots theme

Any of the online casinos will sport at least a dozen Nature mobile slots theme games. Icy Arctic, deserts, dark and slimy jungles, volcanoes, and even the oceans, occupy the top rung in the players list. Showing all their glory, the developers have a great time showing off their designing capabilities.

High society/Celebrities

Luring you with dreams of the High society and the taste of their living, the online casino mobile slots gives you’re daily fix.

Sports mobile slots theme

For the lazy bum, this is the ultimate virtual exercise that they can wish for. Football, soccer, tennis, racing, golf, the list is endless.  Using only their fingers, they will build their bankroll. No need for sports equipments to build your virtual muscles (pun intended). With a simple press, your are set to roll in the big wins.

Special holiday themes

Released during special holiday time, the Christmas, Halloween, Easter themed mobile slots are an all time favourite. You can find them being played throughout the year due to their feel good factor, incredible and frequent jackpots. Microgaming, NextGen, Probability are ruling the roost in this sector.

3D slots

A latest entrant to the world of online casinos, the mobile slots are jumping to bring these slot games to the players. You will need 3D glasses to play these casino games. Not a feasible option when most of the players are here for fun or to break even. They don’t want to shell out on extra hardware. But who knows, the slot games might become the norm in the future.