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Mobile Billing – The New Craze Among Mobile Casino Players

Tired of remembering and entering long credit card numbers for making a deposit or withdrawal? Well, help is at hand with the Mobile Billing service that is offered by the major online casinos. Safe, secure, quick and extremely convenient; this billing service is a boon for the millions of mobile casino players out there.

Let’s get into the interesting details of what makes it an awesome feature for the mobile casinos and for mobile casino players

1 . You’re money won’t get into wrong hands

Even a single wrong number can lead to your money being deposited to a wrong account. There is more chance of you entering the credit/debit card or the e-voucher number wrong, when making a deposit to your account.

Since you are using your registered mobile phone to make a deposit, this shouldn’t lead to any wrong transactions. As long as you use your own mobiles, you will receive a valid e-receipt for your online transaction.

2 . Play now and Pay Later

Mobile Billing is a great option for the casino players. You can recharge your account in the middle of an interesting and money making session. Just flip your mobile, enter the required amount to deposit and confirm your transaction. Viola, your account is instantly credited and you can continue your gaming session.

Of course, you have to pay your mobile phone bill at the end of the month. If you’re using a Pay-as-you-go mobile phone; then as long as you have sufficient fund in your account, you can use the mobile billing service.

3 . Tight encryption and security

Mobile casino players are extremely paranoid about their banking and personal details. Constantly worried about the various online scams, frauds and hacking taking place; they are rightly hesitant to give away their details to the mobile casinos.

Mobile Billing is a trustworthy and safe option, as the latest encryption technology and measures are used by the mobile networks to facilitate mobile transactions. No personal or bank details for making a deposit to your casino account.

4 . Limits on daily deposit transactions

This billing is the guardian angel of casino players, when it comes to putting brakes on your daily gambling. Having a maximum daily limit of £30, makes you conscious of your gambling habits. If you exceed this daily limit then you cannot play further. It is perfect for those casino players who want to gamble responsibly.

5 . Easy, convenient and fast

Mobile billing gets you started easily with just a few taps on your mobile phones. No more searching for cards, vouchers, or e-wallet numbers. There is no sign up or registration process to avail this service. All it requires is your registered mobile number, an SMS confirmation and the amount is credited to your account.

It’s quick as there is no third party approval or verification process by the websites, as seen in the case of credit/debit cards.

6 . Completely free option

Mobile billing is so widespread that online casinos are right in providing this service for free to the players. The other banking option such as credit/debit cards carries a processing fee for every online casino deposit by phone bill you make at the mobile casinos.

Compared to them, this service is completely free. There is no commission fee or fixed amount for very transaction which have to be paid. The only change will be, in your monthly phone bill or a deduction of the deposit amount in your mobile phone credit.

7 . Failed transactions doesn’t deduct your money

If you’re worried about being charged twice for a failed mobile transaction, then mobile billing handles this situation easily. In case of this happening; you will get a SMS or email notification about the failed transaction. It will give detailed information about what went wrong and the next step to take.

8 . Bonuses Promotions and special attractions

As an incentive for the mobile casino players to start using the mobile billing service, the casinos are busy offering bonuses, promotions and special offers. You are offered free spins, free plays, mobile free no deposit bonuses, match deposit bonuses and many such online casino promotions, whenever you make use of this option.

Some of the mobile billing services which the casinos use are Pay by Mobile Phone Bill/SMS option, Boku, PayForIt and others, which have a tie up with the telecom networks. Popular among them are T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Three and Virgin among others. The onus is one the casino players whether they want to make use of this relatively simple, easy and safe billing option.