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Mega Moolah v/s Silver Lion Slots

Mega Moolah and Silver Lion slots are among the popular slot games that are based on safari or jungle theme that include symbols like lions, zebras, hippos etc. making it a thrilling game that promises a lot of exhilaration and fun. Both of these slot machines bring with them a sense of mystical wonderment that engulfs you in a magical land of gaming paradise. While these mobile slots uk seem to have a lot in common, let’s read on more to find out some of the differences they may have so that it becomes easier to pick one of the two.

Mega Moolah v/s Silver Lion Slots

How is Silver Lion Slots Different from Mega Moolah?

  • Software & Release: Mega Moolah slots came out in 2006 and it runs on the Microgaming software which is one of the top gaming software today. This online slot game uses good graphics that are captivating and you find a natural charm attached to it. On the other hand, Silver Lion slots, powered by NYX Gaming is developed by Lightning Box Games and it released for the general public very recently in December 2016. It is set in the African plains where you come across meerkats, Masai warriors that make for a really enchanting theme for its players.
  • Reels / Paylines / Free Spins: Both the slot games have 5 reels but the payline for Mega Moolah is 25-25, whereas for Silver Lion Slots there are 1024 ways by which you can win this slot game, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time for the players to figure out some of the permutation combinations by which you can win this game.
  • Coins Range: Mega Moolah slots give you a coin range of 1-5. The progressive slot allows a wager of 125 coins per spin. In the case of Silver Lion slots, the coin range starts from 0.40 and goes up to 50. It definitely has an edge over the competing slot games because of such a wide coin range.
  • Multipliers: Wins at Silver Lion online slots become bigger and better because of its multipliers. Whenever five of the scatter icons appear on your game screen, you win 200x of the total bet. You also get offered 2x or 3x multipliers during free spins in the game totalling up to as high as 27x. This could lead to an overflow of your pot of money!! Mega Moolah slots lack in this area of offering multiplier facility. So you are restricted to your basic winnings alone.

Explore the African Safari On These 2 Online Mobile Slots Now

Besides all the points that have been discussed so far, some common features between both the slot games are worth mentioning. Both the slot games support autoplay and mobile gaming. They are based on the 2D format of gaming and haven’t really experimented with the 3D graphic levels that can be found in many of the slot games today. But between the two of the games, Silver Lion slots seems to have an upper hand over Mega Moolah slots in terms of the free spins, bonuses offered, multiplier wins, coins range and also the game interface.