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Make way for Jackpot Jester 50,000!

Jumping Jacks popping out of the slot make for a terrific surprise! Add the fruity flavour to it and you will get the much needed fruity twist. Mix and match two of the most common themes of the mobile casino world and NYX Gaming is ready with the sparkling and healthy dose of 50,000 coins as your reward.

Jackpot Jester is Nektan’s first 3 reel 5 payline slot game. It takes the traditional route with an extra punch thrown in! It’s been a long time since there has been a game that’s so much more than the traditional 3 reel fruit based slot game. It always takes a trip back to the simpler times, with just spin, spin, spin, lose, win, win, lose…the endless cycle of just winning and losing is what started you on your casino adventure!

You are just tired of the endless run of bonus games, features, free spins and all that extra fluff that the mobile casinos seems to think, you just need. Check out most of the online casino no deposit required websites and you will see what I mean.

Fruity Twist with the mad Jackpot Jester thrown in!

The first thing about the mobile or online casino no deposit required Jackpot Jester game that grabs your attention is the rich look and feel. It’s completely off the beaten track that is usually seen in the traditional and classic fruit themed slot games. NYX Gaming has really taken a big step away from the sober and quaint, design and layout. Actually it’s the new look and presentation, and of course the gameplay that’s really the drawing factor for this game.

This online casino no deposit required is really two fruit themed slot games stacked one above the other. You pursue to play the bottom slot game and all the wins will be added to the top slot game. Keep playing until you have accumulates sufficient coins to play the Super Game, which has the big tremendous 50,000 coin jackpot.

Risk it all for the 50,000 Jackpot!

Jackpot Jester, the online casino no deposit required slot game is for the risky player. Are you game for taking the big risk and betting full on, for the extremely tempting 50,000 coins? There are two betting options for you to play in the online casino no deposit required slot game – 10 coins and 20 coins bet.

Line up the lemons, cherries, plums, 7’s and watermelons on the reels to win the 1,000 coin jackpot or 2,000 coin jackpot when wagering with 10 or 20 coin bet respectively. The Jackpot Jester is the wild symbol which replaces the other symbol to form a winning combination.

For every win that you get in the slot, you have the option to play the Super Game. You have to bet max, i.e. 20 coins for every payline, to have a winning chance of landing the 50,000 coins jackpot.

Here’s a quick note for the novice player. You have to keep betting maximum if you want to line up this symbol on all the 3 reels and all the 5 paylines, to land the big win. It’s a big money draining exercise, and it certainly requires a large bankroll if you want to keep playing.

Only for the High rollers!

Jackpot Jester makes no bones about the fact that, the more you bet, the better are your winning chances of landing the jackpot. Take a big risk and go for that elusive jester on the reels. Or else, you can chicken out and take your small wins! The choice is yours.