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Here’s How You Can Play 3 Card Poker

There’s no doubt about the appeal of a classic Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker game. Players of card games enjoy trying out new variations. 3 Card Poker is an easy-to-understand casino game that’s based on poker. 

The player plays with the dealer (house) and attempts to create the poker hand with just three cards. While there isn’t a strategy to play poker.

The game follows the standard ranking of poker hands; however, there are some exceptions. Here are some strategies to help you learn to play 3 Card Poker.

What Is 3 Card Poker?

3 Card Poker is an easy poker variant where you receive three cards and play at a table against the house. It’s incredibly easy to master and is a fantastic game for those just starting.

How To Play 3 Card Poker?

You’ll be required to place your first bet after you’ve taken your place at the three card poker table, whether it’s a physical or online casino.

The Ante betting box will be empty in front of you, and you’ll be asked to put some chips in the box. You’ll be able to place any bet you want within the stakes at the table, ranging between the minimum and maximum bet.

Once you’ve set your Ante and the other players on the table have followed suit, the dealer will then deal with all three cards, not including the players themselves. Three cards will be the sole ones you’ll receive with a three card poker, making it an extremely simple poker variation.

When you’ve got the three playing cards, your sole choice is to keep them by placing the Play bet or to discard them immediately. You’ll be able to play the majority of hands in 3-   Card Poker.

If you choose to make a play bet, it is necessary to bet the same amount as your Ante bet to the full amount, which will double your bet. It is important to put all of your money in at the beginning of a hand because that is how to be able to play.

After all, bets have been made, the players who aren’t ready to move on have been eliminated, and the game is set to showdown.

The dealer then flips their cards, and each player’s hand is compared with the dealer’s. The hands will be paid double the amount of their Ante bet, and double money for the Play bet when the dealer has at minimum an Ace-high hand.

3 Card Poker Rules

The rules for three card poker couldn’t be more simple. There are only two options following the handing out of cards: Fold and Play.

The cards will be taken away, and your Ante bet if you choose to fold. If you choose to make a Play bet and decide to keep it, you’ll remain in the game until the very end, after which all your hands will then be scrutinized against the dealer’s hands.

Be aware that there’s no discarding or drawing involved when playing 3 Card Poker, and you’ll only have three cards dealt. So, make your choices by analyzing the three cards you are dealt.

When you compare hand-to-hand  three card poker, it’s evident that certain hands, like full houses or four, aren’t present in this version of the game. Hand ranking for 3 Card Poker are as they are:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • One Pair
  • High Card

You won’t be in a position to create real straights or flushes using only three cards. However, the three consecutive cards can be considered straight, or three cards in the same suit count as flushes or flush, etc.

This basic hand ranking should be easy to comprehend for any person who has played poker. And at the end of the day, the dealer will inform you whether you’ve either won or lost.

What Are The Odds?

As with most casino games, three card poker gives the house a significant advantage.

For Ante and Play bets, the casino has a profit of 3.37 percent, which is much more than the game of online blackjack.

Pair Plus bet has an advantage on the house of 2.32 percent, which is less than the most basic bets and makes it an intriguing option for anyone who plays this kind of game.

While both the dealer and player share the same odds, the bet on the game isn’t paid out until the dealer is at least Queen high, providing the dealer with the bulk of the edge.

Here are some intriguing chances to make certain huge hands when playing 3 Card Poker, which can be very beneficial, particularly in the case that you are a fan of the Pair Plus bet:

  • Odds to get straight flush:0.217 percent
  • Odds to create three of the same type: 0.235 percent
  • Odds of making straight lines:3.257 percent
  • Odds to flush of:4.95 percent
  • Odds to create one of the following pairs:16.94 percent
  • Chances to get Ace High or worse:76.38 percent

As you can see, you’ll be playing with an unlucky hand that doesn’t have any straights, pairs, or flush for the majority of times.


3 Card Poker is one of the most popular games played. 3 Card Poker is quite an extremely popular poker variant due to its easy rules and strategies. Therefore it is likely to be located on all poker tables. Make sure you play with an authorized and secure site. Enjoy playing this easy poker variation and test your skills! Good luck.