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How does 3D Secure Work at our Online Casino?

Before getting into how 3D secure works at a casino, we should probably look into what it is?

3D secure is an internet payment authentication system. It is very similar to that of the chip which is embedded in a credit or debit card. It contains a password which only the holder knows. Similarly when making online transactions, this will come into picture. For example, if a person buys a product from an online retailer, they will be directed to Verified by Visa, if the card is Visa or to MasterCard Secure Code, if the card is MasterCard and will be told to enter a password. This password is used to authenticate the transaction and only then the money will be transferred to the online retailer. The feature can be enabled in your card by registering with the bank. This is a one-time process.

3D Secure is implemented in two ways. One is done by ACS providers and the other is done by MPI providers. ACS Providers or Access Control Server providers are issued by the banks themselves. The web browser of a person making a transaction will not show the bank’s domain name; instead it will show the domain name of the ACS provider.

MPI providers or Merchant Plug In providers are used by banks to isolate their servers from merchant requests.

The advantage of 3D secure for merchants is that there is significant reduction in charge backs on account of unauthorized transaction. But on the other hand, since it uses MPI providers, the merchants need an MPI so that they can connect to the Visa or MasterCard server. This is an expensive process and results in an increase in revenue for the MPI providers. Also, since this is a complicated process, a lot of failed transactions can occur, which creates undue load on the server. Added to all this, the customers find the extra step of authentication as an obstacle, rather than a safety measure and end up abandoning the transaction.

How it works at casinos?

The banking systems at casinos are very advanced and allows players to make deposits very safely without any worries. When a deposit is made, the banking system at the casino checks whether the player is enrolled in the program. If they are enrolled, they will be redirected to the banks official page where they will be asked to enter the secret password. Note that this page is in no way related to the casino. After the password has been entered, the confirmation from the bank will flash on the screen and it will close automatically taking them back to the casino’s page, where their payment will be confirmed again.

3D Secure Feature

If the player is not enrolled he/she will be given an option to register for the program. This is an easy process and can be followed by anyone who can read English. Most of the cards use the 3D secure feature nowadays. Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo are some of the popular brands using 3D secure feature.?

3D Secure Feature