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How and Where Do I Play Strip Blackjack?

How and Where Do I Play Strip Blackjack?

Strip Blackjack originated from the Las Vegas strip and has become very popular afterwards. As we all know that Las Vegas is the home of all types of popular gambling games, so unsurprisingly, strip Blackjack is one of the biggest gambling games all over the world. Like all the casino games, online Blackjack is not for players below the age of 18 years. So, if you are a minor reading this post, you are wasting your time. But for the players who are adult enough to take part in this fun gambling industry, read on the entire post.

Rules for Playing Strip Blackjack

There are some key rules of this game that you should know before going to play. There is a dealer in the game and to defeat the dealer, you will have to get a score of card 21 but not over it. 

  • The dealer will have four decks of cards and will check for the card number 21
  • He will stand on 17 and double down an initial hand after splitting 
  • Splits four hands per game 
  • But you can splits aces only once
  • You can split up to 10 cards even if they are different
  • If you split up after 21, it will not count as a Blackjack.

You can get confused between strip Blackjack and American Blackjack if you don’t notice the rules closely. In the American Blackjack, the dealer basically picks the 10 cards along with face and ace, but in the strip, they don’t worry about the other cards as long as they get the ace.

Simple Ways to Play Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas strip Blackjack is similar to other classic mobile casino Blackjack games with a few minor differences. The dealer in S-Blackjack works clockwise in the table, and he deals 2 cards to the players along with himself. That’s where your chances of beating him come by scoring a close deal to his 21-card but not over it. Another way to win is by scoring a bigger run with your total cards than the dealer, but the total of 21 will still have to be lower than him. There are four options that you can take while playing an s-Blackjack, including split, hit, stand, and double-down. Here, have a look at the explanation of each of these options.


If you want to do a split while it’s your turn, you’ll have to deal with two different cards of the same value. Thus, you will have to play both of the cards in different hands. All the pairs of cards in S-Blackjack can be split up to 4-hands except for the aces that you can split only once. But if you hit 21 and split the aces at the same time, it won’t give you a Blackjack.


While you are hitting when it’s your turn, you will be able to add every card in your total but avoid exceeding 21.

Double Down

When you are doubling down, you can double down the bet that has been placed, and in exchange for that, you will receive a single drawcard. In most cases, you get to double down after you get your first two cards and these cards can be anything. But when you are drawing another card, be a little strategic with that.


When you decide to stand while it’s your turn, it means that you won’t add another hand to your total and will play with the one you are currently holding. You can choose stands when you see that the total is going to exceed 21 soon and you’ll be out after that.


A surrender can save you from losing hands if you perform it beforehand and immediately after choosing a hand. If you do this right, you can get back half of your given bet. However, this rule is not applicable in S-Blackjack, and if you see that you are losing your cards, you’ll have to accept that.

How and Where Do I Play Strip Blackjack?

How Many Decks are There?

You can reshuffle 4 decks after performing each hand. However, these rules are not fixed, and they can vary from one Blackjack casino to another. So, before going to play at any casino or online roulette or strip Blackjack, make sure to check out their rules.

Where to Play Strip Blackjack?

Before you go to play any casino game online or offline, make sure to follow these things first.

Wagering Requirements

Check out the wagering requirements of the online casino and the minimum betting amount. The wagering requirements may vary from place to place.

Graphics and Sound

If you are playing online, this thing matters the most. Your device should be totally responsive to the software, and the graphics should be crystal clear along with the sounds. Also, make sure to keep your software up-to-date so that you don’t miss out on any latest features.

Now that you are aware of the fundamental things about playing a strip Blackjack game online or offline, here are some of the places that are the best for the matter.

Bet 365

Bet 365 has a huge customer base, and they offer a comprehensive welcome bonus. But you’ll have to deposit min £10 to play and with 15x wagering.


They offer daily bonuses to their players along with a welcome bonus. They want you to deposit min £10 deposit with 50x wagering.

888 Casino

You can claim your bonus without depositing any money as soon as you join their team of more than 25 million gamblers.

What are the Other Types of Blackjacks Apart from Strip?

If you are playing live casino or an online casino, there are many types of Blackjacks you might have noticed. If you think that strip casino Blackjack is not your thing, then you may enjoy these three:

  • European Blackjack
  • Blackjack switch
  • Blackjack perfect pairs

So, how do you think you are ready for joining a strip Blackjack team? Make your pick now and get started right away!