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Guide to The Most Popular Bingo Patterns

Guide to The Most Popular Bingo Patterns

Both novice and experienced Bingo players are aware of the fact that they need to form a certain pattern in order to win. There are hundreds of Bingo patterns that can be achieved while playing, and you might need as little as 4 numbers to complete some of them.

While some patterns in online Bingo games look easy to be achieved, marking off an actual pattern can be tricky at times. Despite that, playing with patterns is a lot of fun.

Before you start dabbing numbers on your tickets, however, it’s good to get familiar with the odds and types of patterns in Bingo.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular Bingo patterns.

Standard Bingo patterns vs. crazy Bingo patterns

With the increasing popularity of Bingo, various new Bingo patterns have emerged in recent years. And even though playing Bingo isn’t that complicated, it’s quite surprising to know that many players discovered that they’ve formed a Bingo a long time ago but have failed to announce it.

Hence, it’s always good to know the current patterns that can bring you good winnings. Today, there are standard Bingo patterns as well as crazy Bingo patterns. Standard Bingo patterns are also known as static, meaning they cannot be shifted on the cards and you need to mark off the right squares in order to form the right pattern.

On the other hand, it’s possible to rotate the crazy Bingo patterns on 90, 180 and 270 degrees on the Bingo tickets. That way, it becomes easier for players to form winning patterns.

The most popular Bingo patterns

If you want to get a winning pattern, then it’s good to know the most popular combinations that you may mark off. Although there are numerous variations that require different numbers, there are a few combinations that are more popular than others. Let’s explore them in more detail.

Guide to The Most Popular Bingo Patterns

Four corners Bingo pattern

If you’ve ever played bingo at a land-based or an online casino, then you might be aware of the fact that Four Corners is one of the most popular Bingo patterns. The popularity of this pattern can be attributed to the fact that it is very easy to imagine and understand. As a player, you simply need to have all of the corner numbers on just one of your Bingo cards marked off first to be deemed as the winner of that game. It’s worth noting that four corner games can take a little while to a playoff, as the number drawn out of the many numbers are not just the right ones.

Clock Bingo pattern

Best described as a large circle pattern, the Clock Bingo pattern covers the periphery of your ticket and there is a clock hand on the bottom right corner of the card. This pattern is very popular at online Bingo sites and interactive players often choose to play Bingo games that use it. If you manage to be the first one to mark off the clock pattern and claim the house, you’ll be awarded a pretty satisfying prize.

Wine Glass Bingo pattern

Another commonly played pattern in Bingo is the Wine Glass. As it’s very popular among Bingo players, it can be attached to several Bingo games in a single room. This pattern is formed with 11 numbers and it resembles the shape of a wine glass.

As this pattern only requires 11 numbers, the winning combination is often marked off very fast. If you join a Bingo game where players try to dab the numbers in the shape of a wine glass, you’ll notice that the game will be completed in a very short period of time.

Windmill Bingo pattern

The Windmill Bingo pattern is also very common among Bingo players, so you may come across Bingo games that use this pattern. This pattern consists of 17 numbers and can be played on 75 ball bingo variation. This shape of this combination has four big squares in all of the corners of the ticket and one single number in the middle. As players need to mark off a lot of numbers, the game is played longer and it takes more time for a pattern.