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Genie Jackpots of £500 Daily Match

Let us meet a virtual Genie and win big Jackpots in Genie Jackpots slots. How much we might wish to have a real Genie who can take care of all our wishes but for now this is all we can have. To make up for your disappointment, we give you a chance to enjoy a 50% bonus on top of the deposit that you make on Genie Jackpots.

Get the Magic Bonus with Genie Jackpots

Genie Jackpots of £500 Daily Match

As we told earlier, when you make a deposit and wager on this magical game, you get 50% extra cash. And we are not talking about a couple of extra bucks. You can make a maximum deposit of £1000 so that you can win an extra £500. Now that we have gained your interest, let us tell you that all you have to do is to remember adding the promo code ‘GENIE’ while you make the deposit. This promotion is applicable on every first deposit you make on each day of the week from 15th September till 21st September. You don’t even have to wait long to get the bonus credits. These will reflect in your account within 3 working days of the promotion ending date.

A Fair Promotion And A Fair Gameplay

The promotion follows only the standard wagering requirements. There are no additional eligibility criteria. You just have to wager 30% of the amount earned and the winnings are capped at a maximum of 4 times of the bonus amount. You should use the bonus to play any of the online slot games. The bonus, after credited, will be valid for 28 days. So ensure to use it before it expires.

Like the promotion, Genie Jackpots slots has a well thought and a brilliant gameplay beaming with bonus features that award you at every step of the game. This 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines game gives you a chance to play the magic carpet bonus round and the mystery win bonus round. These are triggered when you play Three wishes power spin round. Here you rub one out of the three randomly appeared lamps. This awards you Genie and infectious monkey wilds apart from the above-mentioned bonus rounds. Genie Jackpots has a progressive Jackpot and an RTP of 96.53%.

Therefore, do use this promotion to the fullest and make maximum deposits every day to get proportional bonus amount. Certainly, this won’t be any less than living a dream and you are going to enjoy every day for the entire week. So get ready to spin and win up to £500 daily match on Genie Jackpots.