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Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Anchorman Movie

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The Anchorman movie is one of the masterpieces of Ron Burgundy. For all who might be interested, there are numerous surprising facts linked with the movie.

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If you are the lover of Anchorman movie, then read on:

  • 1. Ron Burgundy- A true Jethro Tull fan
  • The nightclub performance scene in the movie, Anchorman contains several tributes to Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull flautist. For example, Burgundy finished the scene by lifting his leg to imitate the brand logo.
  • 2. Spit on food?
  • The restaurant in Anchorman movie to which Veronica and her family members visit is named ‘Escupimos en su Alimento’ which means ‘We spit on the food’. The place is truly a health inspector’s nightmare!
  • 3. The first script
  • Unlike the final script set in San Diego, the first script revolved around two planes that will collide and crash on a mountain. One of them filled with Channel 4 news team and the other with monkeys and martial arts equipment.
  • 4. DreamWorks initial confusion to join
  • When the storyline was first put forward to Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, they were sceptical about the script and did not agree to join in until ‘Elf and Old School’ became a hit.
  • 5. Anchorman Movie has inspiration from British sci-fi comics
  • In a scene where Champ says that he will take ‘Dorothy Mantooth for a seafood dinner in and will never call her back again may sound like a polite insult but in reality is a dialogue of Dan Dare, a 1950s British comics character.
  • 6. In search of the perfect fit
  • Magie Gyllenhall was auditioned to play on screen Veronica, Champ Kind was to be played by John C. Reilly, Ron Livingston and Ben Stiller were considered for Brian Fantana.
  • 7. Anchorman Movie give references to Mary Richards
  • Ron’s dog Baxter was named after Tex Baxter from the famous newsroom sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • 8. Special mentions to Adam Scott and Jon Hamm
  • Although Adam Scott and Jon Hamm were not a part of the Anchorman Movie, special mentions are given to them in the movie as writers during the newscast credits. This might be somewhere related to the fact that Paul Rudd was Jon’s roommate at that time and Adam Scott’s friend.
  • 9. The Title
  • The title of the movie was inspired by Jeremy, Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, a porn documentary. When the character Ron Burgundy of the Anchorman is analysed then many similarities can be found with the womaniser Ron Jeremy.
  • 10. Was Brick Tamland needed?
  • The character of Brick Tamland was much doubted about during the time of scripting of the movie. But later the character gained much popularity because of the comic element added in it.
  • 11. Ron Burgundy – Will Ferrell’s favourite character
  • Will Ferrell claims Ron Burgundy to be the most satisfying character that he has ever played.
  • 12. A Trilogy The movie, Anchorman is the first part of ‘Mediocre American Man Trilogy’. Talladega Nights is the second one whereas, Anchorman 2 will be the third instalment of the trilogy.
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Fun Facts Probably Didn’t Know About Anchorman Movie
Anchorman slots launches at the UK’s Jackpot Mobile Casino and here are top 12 fun facts probably didn’t know about Anchorman movie. Read on now.