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Christmas Special: 10,000 Free Spins Drop On Flowers of Christmas!

The Flowers slot game has been a very in-style and liked online game worldwide. Now with Christmas around the corner, Netent has managed to draw even a higher number of players towards Flowers of Christmas slots. With numerous games competing to be on the playlist of the fanatics, Flowers of Christmas slots is expected to rock the charts. You simply need to log on to Jackpot Mobile Casino to experience the fun.

Christmas Special: 10,000 Free Spins Drop On Flowers of Christmas!

The Christmas Magic – Win Up to 50 Spins on Flowers of Christmas Slots

This sure sounds charming but is very simple to get. You will get 10, 20 and 50 spins by depositing £10 – £19, £20 – £49 and £50+ respectively.

Flowers of Christmas Slots Terms & Conditions

Players must understand the following and start playing right away:

  • Players aged 18 years are more are eligible for this promotion

  • Time is of the essence, and the offer is valid from 00:01 to 23:59 17th December 2017 GMT (which is the same as ACST -8.30hrs, PTZ + 8hrs)

  • Think fast and act smart as this offer will be valid only on the first deposit of that day

  • The Spins will be worth 30p and can be used for the Flowers of Christmas slots only

  • The Spins will be activated only after the Flowers Christmas edition is launched

  • It can take up to 3 working days from the end of the promotion for the free spins to be credited to your account

  • All prizes from Spins will be awarded in Bonus Funds

The Perfect Game for Christmas – Flowers of Christmas Slots

You might start playing just for fun, but the possibility of winning as many as 75,000 coins will keep you going for more. The five reel mobile slot games has a beautiful variety of flowers- Red Roses, Blue Tulips, Sunflower, Blue Bell And Venue Flytrap.

The visuals are decent enough, with a colourful theme. From the flowers to the other alphabets, and from the Christmas trees to the dense white snow, everything reminds of 25th December and the fun to live. There is no continuous background music, but the one which plays during spins and reels stopping is gentle and basic. It is not the type that will make you bored in some time or rather annoyed for that matter. You will also be amused to notice that while some flowers look like the happy ones, there are others with a serious and angry look. But why bother when they still earn you some coins.

As gentle as the name Flowers of Christmas slots sounds, the possibility of earning big wins is huge here. The Wild symbol and free spins appearing on your screen will make sure this happens. You can place non-customisable bets along 30 paylines.

Do not miss out on the excellent offer and start playing!!