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Amazing facts about Blackjack that are sure to spellbind you!

Amazing facts about Blackjack that are sure to spellbind you!
The most popular of casino games, Blackjack has almost a star status. For any person who loves the game memories of popular heroes playing against the house and winning without breaking a sweat are common. And given the level of popularity, it is no surprise that there are countless Blackjack fans all over the world. One of the most popular casino games, there are a lot of “facts” about Blackjack going around from tips on Blackjack basic strategy to how to play and win. Here is our attempt to introduce you to some of the amazing Blackjack facts and clear the air about some of the popular yet incorrect facts.

Blackjack is the most player-friendly casino games

In the world of casino games where the ultimate aim of the service provider is to make money, even if it is at the expense of the players, talking about profitable and player-friendly games might look foolish. But considering all the popular casino games and comparing their characteristics and features, it is true that Blackjack is the most player-friendly casino game!

Firstly, Blackjack is a game that has many player-friendly rules. And then, considering the fact that you are playing against the house and not the other players, the chances of winning greatly increase making it more profitable for the players. And secondly, there is this concept of Blackjack basic strategy which helps players plan, strategise and hence, improve their chances of winning. So, Blackjack is a more player-friendly game, in that players have more chances of winning especially if they devise and follow a Blackjack basic strategy.

Amazing facts about Blackjack that are sure to spellbind you!

Amateurs don’t affect you winning at Blackjack

If you have ever participated in an online Blackjack game, you would have personally experienced what a tough time newbies have, especially with the other players verbally putting them down at every step. The main reason for this is the common misconception that playing with amateurs will result in even experienced players losing. But this is totally untrue; the expertise of the other players who make up your group doesn’t affect your winning or losing the game. After all, you are actually playing against the dealer and not with or against the other players. It is a proven fact that whether you play with amateurs, experts or professionals, the only thing that decides your victory is your gameplay. If you have a rock-solid Blackjack basic strategy and you play well you are sure to make the most of the game.  

A mathematically playing strategy exists

There are real-life situations and popular movies based on such real-life situations that have tried to tell us, time and again, that playing Blackjack is nothing short of solving a complicated math problem. If you are good at keeping track of multiple variables you will be good at Blackjack. Well, though this might feel preposterous it is totally true; there is a basic Blackjack strategy that has been designed by mathematical geniuses that details the best way to play each and every hand. The only thing is, to ensure success you need to practise and need experience to actually use it optimally and win.

You can make a living playing Blackjack games

Though this feels like every rookie’s dream, it is absolutely true that you can make a living just playing blackjack. Of course, the catch is that you have to be good enough to win consistently. But it is a fact that there are a number of popular professional Blackjack players who post considerable wins every year. And thanks to the popularity casinos, casino games and their online versions enjoy today, a lot of gambling service providers host numerous tournaments and international matches, providing people with the opportunity to play and win big! But it should be noted here that living as a professional blackjack player is no easy task and players have to consistently work on their blackjack basic strategy and improving their game-play to ensure success!

It is legal to bring a blackjack basic strategy card to the table

Unlike taking an exam, a cheat sheet isn’t prohibited from a blackjack table. In fact, it is perfectly legal to have your own blackjack basic strategy written down if required, and you can comfortably bring it and use it when playing the game. Though it might warrant a few funny looks from the other players, this strategy of having a strategy card you can consult is encouraged by experts.