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Enhanced AI & What It Means for Live Dealers

Nowadays, the phrase “artificial intelligence” seems to be a buzzword that’s impossible to avoid. However, AI has been making its presence recognized in technology development for some time, but it’s becoming more and more prominent in other areas.

Many people think this latest technological advancement conjures sci-fi images, which is accompanied by a worry that AI will soon take over the world in the way we see it.

The truth is that AI is currently playing a major role in our everyday lives. For instance, when you search on the internet or browse a dating app to find potential matches, AI plays a role. According to studies, in various industries, AI has increased by nearly 270% over just four years.

Everyone is looking for: what do the implications of AI affect live dealers shortly? The past has shown that any technological breakthrough fears that the human workforce will be obsolete.

However, the reality isn’t as dire as the vision is; however, it’s certainly not as simple as we’d like. So without further ado let’s dive into the article and see what it means for live dealers.

The Traditional Dealer

The traditional dealer at the casino is an integral component in the experience at a casino. The casino’s trained staff ensures the games are run smoothly.

Not only can they provide crucial assistance to those who are new on the table. However, they also keep an eye on any snafus, which safeguards players of all skill levels.

On our first visit to Casino, We confessedly were unsure of the game. We sat at the roulette table, gradually losing money with poorly thought-out bets. The only thing that saved us was the casual attitude to the game.

After that, We had a meeting with a blackjack dealer. At our first meeting, she made the most profound impression on our career in gambling. She told us that the goal was not to reach 21 but rather to get close to her without exceeding.

She also advised us to purchase basic strategy cards. We had never heard of the basic strategy, and we could not imagine a casino allowing us to be able to lose money.

We did lose money during the trip, but smaller than our peers. But, we developed an interest in real money casino gaming that led us to some amazing destinations. We’d rather not see human dealers replaced with robots, but it’s occurring in some areas.

The Casino has robots

Transitioning from a traditional game of casino to an automated version wasn’t something that was done in a single day. Robots have made the lives of casino employees easier for a long time.

Before the modern-day automated games became popular, bartenders and servers of the cocktail were equipped with an undiscovered weapon. You can imagine, during busy times, the casino bar staff are often swamped.

The continuous stream of drinks orders from thirsty guests is like the mail that never ceases to come. Therefore, casinos gave their staffers the bone by installing self-service bars. The towers are helpful to everyone.

The bartenders don’t have as much of their work to do. The servers of cocktails aren’t in the bar waiting around for guests to arrive, and casino patrons receive their drinks promptly.

Some gamblers think that the casino will offer a server to serve you drinks when you enter. But, the casino has to know that you’re betting. Additionally, they want you to bet enough money to ensure that the drinks are worth it.

This is mostly at their discretion—the server of the cocktails. In the majority of casinos, you’ll find an automated system that will monitor how much you’ve wagered. When you’ve reached a certain amount of money, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks.

It appears that the days of being in the slot bank and spinning when the server comes in are long gone. Comp monitoring was one of the first areas of casinos to be automated, and this made life easier for pit bosses and the players’ club personnel.

The positive effects that the shift toward automation has brought to the casino show that the trend continues for the next few years.

How advances in AI Will impact the Live Dealers?

The robot takeover is getting closer, and the method of making the changes ensures that it is seamless. So, what’s next? It’s true that the complete automated casino game may or might not be shortly, and we’ll be looking into it. First, we’d like to look at other ways casinos have made the shift.

Imagine you’re at your favorite Las Vegas casino and require a new pillow or toothbrush delivered into your bedroom. The past was when a smiling stranger would knock at your door to hand over the items.

However, some casinos use robots to complete tedious and frustrating tasks. Don’t be surprised when you get a notice that your goods have arrived and then see a robotic vehicle cruising across the floor.

Security is yet another area that has been affected by robots. Numerous casinos have employed security robots on their properties.

We are not going to say that it’s scary the first time you witness an automated rule-enforcing machine whizz past you. But the sense of security that comes from knowing that the casino is taking your safety to the top of its list is priceless.

We spoke about the ease of use of autonomous vehicles earlier. While self-driving vehicles are still developing their kinks, they’ll be obsolete in some years.

The casinos are expected to shift out of hiring personal chauffeurs. Instead of paying the drivers to transport the VIPs, casinos will purchase a fleet of autonomous vehicles to perform the driving.

We hope that there is someone on hand to manage the baggage. A single nail that is broken could mean catastrophe for the casino’s image in public.


Does AI-enhanced technology mean the end of live dealers? It is entirely possible that robots could replace humans as the main casino dealer. But it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. Was this live dealers article helpful for you or not? And what do you think will Ai replace live dealers?