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ELK Studios Presents Wild Seas Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Have you ever wanted to experience the adventures of the pirates after watching Pirates of Caribbean? Then you are in the right place. Wild Seas slots by ELK Studios gets launched the UK’s very popular Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Hit the Wild Seas with the Wild Seas Slots!

ELK Studios Presents Wild Seas Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Set on the theme of piracy, treasure chest and what not, this is the most fun mobile slot games you will ever come across. Set in the waters outside Port Royale, the star of this game is a female pirate Anne Bonny. Her life’s mission is to return the treasures to its rightful owners.

Wild Seas slots is really special in the sense that it has 5 reels and 178 paylines which means there are a lot more ways to win. There are so many bonus levels and special features that they are a game in itself. The minimum bet is 20p and can go up to £100. So, get ready for an adventure in the stormy seas and start spinning.

Haul Wind!! Symbols

The symbols in this Wild Seas slots game are all pirate-themed and include skull-shaped gold coin, star-shaped silver coin, octopus-shaped bronze coin, three enemy captains (English, French and Portuguese), Anne Bonny, treasure chest, pirate ship and wild seas flag. The wild seas flag is the wild symbol and can replace all the other symbols getting you more winning chances. The scatter symbol is also the flag itself. When it lands on the second and fourth reel, it triggers free spins.

Anchor Up! Get Ready for a Wild Ride

If you are lucky enough to land the free spin, you are in for a ride. There are two levels to the free spin round of Wild Seas slots game.

  • Break the Convoy

  • Captain’s Loot Chest

Captain Ahoy!! Break the Convoy

In the level 1, a convoy of enemy ships appears in the fifth reel. As you keep spinning the convoy moves forwards to the first reel. When a pirate ship appears in the fifth reel, it proceeds to shoot down the enemy ship in that row. The enemy ship will sink after it is shot three times. The enemy ship needs to be sunk before the convoy reaches the first reel to move forward in this bonus feature.

Aye Aye Captain! Captain’s Loot Chest

Once the enemy ship is sunk, a captain’s loot chest appears. The loot chest is the wild and it can replace any symbol except a pirate ship. It can appear anywhere on the second, third and the fourth reel. The pirate ship will shoot the loot in the same row and the loot opens to be a sticky wild. Beware if you get a barrel in this level. If a barrel and the pirate ship appear in the same row, the pirate ship will shoot at the barrel and this can be the end of this amazing level.

Wild Seas slot game is easy to learn and very interesting to play. The creators of the game have made the game in such a way that it captures your attention instantly. Apart from being interesting, the payout up to 1780 times your bet.

Play Wild Seas slot game and much more at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Jackpot Mobile Casino offers an impressive list of slot games that will tickle your fun side.