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China Shores vs China Mystery Slots

China Shores is a slot game developed by Konami that takes you on a ride to the oriental-themed wonderland where you get to hunt for treasures in the majestic mountain ranges of China. China Mystery slots is also an oriental-themed game that brings to you some amazingly unique ideas about the origins of the world. Both the mobile slots are different in their own way and keep you busy with their unique bonus features throughout the gameplay.

China Shores vs China Mystery Slots

Here is a List Of Comparison between China Shores and China Mystery Slots

  • First things first, Reels and the paylines

Both the slot games have 5 reels to spin and 30 paylines to put your money on.

  • Symbols adorning the reels

China Shores shows symbols like the Chinese Lanterns, Gold Tortoise, the Urns and the common poker card values on their reels. The China Mystery slots use theme-based symbols like Chinese letters, golden coins, golden turtles and porcelain teapots.

  • Bonuses- What to expect from which

The wild symbol in the China Shores slots is the Panda which replaces all of the symbols on the screen on all of the reels. The Ying Yang symbols, however, cannot be replaced as they are the bonus symbols. The Action Stacked symbol lets you replace older symbols at random places the screen with new ones. If you land on five Ying Yang symbols, you get a bonus 100x on the line you bet. It is awarded before the Free Spins. Free Spins land up in numbers of 10 to 15 and can lead to retriggering more free spins.

In the China Mystery slot, the Golden Turtle, a symbol of power, pays huge amounts if it shows up on the reels. Another symbol that brings in fortune is the script with golden writing. It has the ability to multiply the bet amount by up to 1000 times. The purple-flowered jar and the pink and gold lantern also bring in a 250x multiplier. The Chinese Girl is the wild symbol in this game. The scatter symbol unlocks the Balance of Fortune if it appears three or more times.

  • Talking of money! Bet and wagers

China Mystery slots allows you to place a bet starting with 30 coins, one per line, and the maximum bet can go up to 300 coins. China Shores, on the other hand, allows a minimum bet of 0.6 and a maximum of only 60. China Shores can seem to be really hard to crack but if you are invested in the game, it pays large amounts back for sure.

  • The Payout- Return To Player (RTP) percentage

China Mystery has a Return To Player percentage of 96.1. China Shores also has a score of 96.1%.

  • Graphics to go gaga over

The graphics of China Mystery slots are gorgeous, and the sound effects are delightful. China Shores has a basic style in terms of graphics, but the game is unique and entertaining overall.

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