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Betting Progressions: A Complete Overview for Casino Game Online

Progressive betting systems for decades have been popular among gamblers. This is because most of the well-known progressive betting systems can be learned quickly and they usually follow very straightforward rules. So, players can implement them without any difficulty.

Players experience difficulty, however, as they don’t know what progressive betting systems are and how they work. So, we’ve prepared this article that provides an overview of positive and negative betting progressions for casino game online.

The basic concept

As mentioned earlier, the basic concept of progressive betting systems is pretty straightforward. It’s just about adjusting your previous stake based on whether you’ve won or lost your previous bet. The exact adjustment of the stake for casino game online depends on the system being used, and whether it’s a positive progression or a negative progression.

Progression betting systems are typically used by players in the game of Roulette. They usually bet on one of the even-money bets such as odd or even, or red or black. Blackjack online is also a popular game for using these systems.

Betting Progressions: A Complete Overview for Casino Game Online

Positive progression

In a nutshell, if you opt to use the positive progressive betting system, you need to increase your bets when you’re winning and decrease when you’re losing. While this looks pretty simple, things are a bit complicated as it’s difficult to make the exact prediction of future outcomes.

Using this system is not complicated and your profits can be substantially increased if you follow the basic rule of increasing your wager if you win and decreasing it if you lose. Although this system isn’t capable of determining your outcome, you’re protected against losing a fortune if you experience a losing streak.

Example – The Paroli System

The Paroli system is one of the most popular positive progression betting systems. Here, the idea is that you set yourself a base stake, which also forms your initial wager. Every time you win a wager, you increase your stake by the amount of your base stake. Every time you lose, you go back to staking your base stake.

So, let’s consider you decide to use this system in online Roulette game, with a base stake of £10 and betting on red each time. You’d follow these simple rules:

  • Wheel lands on red. You increase your stake by £10 for the next wager.
  • Wheel lands on black. Stake £10 for next wager.
  • Wheel lands on zero. Stake £10 for next wager.

That’s all. Win, and your stake goes up by £10 for the next wager. Lose, and it’s always £10 for that wager.

Betting Progressions: A Complete Overview for Casino Game Online

Negative progression

Negative progression is, in essence, the opposite of positive progression. This system is all about increasing your bet after you’ve experienced a loss, based on the hope of getting back to even after making a win. This system is considered extremely dangerous, because of the fact that they can cause players to lose a huge amount of money if they experience a long series of losses.

As casino games involve the element of chance, there’s no guarantee of when a losing streak will come to an end. This is the reason why players are recommended to not trust the perception that the outcome of the previous result can influence future outcomes. This belief is termed “gambler’s fallacy” and has led to numerous losses for players all across the globe. This is the reason why negative progressive systems are considered way too risky.


The negative progression systems are too dangerous, especially if you want to spend too much time playing a casino game online. A wipeout is inevitable if there are a lot of playing sessions.

The positive progression systems are the best if you want to try for a bigger win. Of course, no matter how well you use the system, the house always has an advantage over you.

So, you might be wondering what you must do. As such, decide whether you want to extend your winnings by increasing your stake or you simply wish to bet at normal levels and enjoy the process.

In the end, it all comes down to how effectively you manage your bankroll. So, make sure you use the correct bankroll management strategy and bet accordingly.