A classic game converted into a slot clubbed with high volatility results in a mobile slot game offering excellent gameplay in this game called Snake.

Game features

With a truckload of nostalgia embedded in the design and format, Snake is one of those games that takes the players on a trip down the memory lane. All those young players who have experience of playing the famous snake game on mobile phones would surely be able to relate to its adaptation in slot design.

The background features a sort of computerized grid format of neon cubes, which is the ultimate representation of the retro vibe – a gigantic slot featuring a grid of 7 reels and 7 rows spread over the screen.

Various bright coloured geometrically shaped gemstones are the symbols present on the slot that work their way on the reels. This way, the player can identify the concerned symbols without any hassle. The paylines exist in all ways through the huge slot, and thus the symbol combinations do not need to be in a particular fixed order or direction in order to lead to a win.

Special features

A new and innovative special feature in the game is called the avalanching wins. As the name suggests, an avalanche-like situation appears in this feature, which means that whenever the player unlocks a winning combination, the symbols in that combination explode in order to make space for newer symbols.

This way, the player can secure a chance of creating multiple wins in the same spin. The whole idea behind this feature is that once the player reaches 25 points, a Mystery Snake feature is triggered, which releases a digital looking snake over the reels. Thus, wins of more than 20 symbols can be formed, which is a huge benefit to the players.

Bonus features

The free spins are one of the bonus features of the game. It is triggered through the 71 wins or sets of matching symbols present on the reel to that point in the game. At this stage, 12 bonus spins are given to the player. Taking advantage of the bonuses, the players can take a shot at winning around 14,000 times the total stake.

When the player secures a particular win, each of such wins is used in a Level meter, which comprises 1, 2, 3, and 4 levels. The first level begins with right at the start of the game. The rest of the 3 levels are achieved by securing 25, 45, and 71 wins, respectively.

Another feature of the game is called the Snake feature. When the player unlocks the level 2 or 3, a snake is released over the slot, which consumes the gemstone symbols up to a maximum of 20. After that, it is turned into a random mystery symbol from the pay table. 


In conclusion, Snake is an extremely enjoyable and enthralling game that will leave players entertained with its impressive overall design.